Tuesday, April 20

Wear OS adds a shortcut to the notifications management screen

Wear OS, Google’s operating system dedicated to watches, now offers a shortcut to more easily manage the notifications that appear on your connected watch.

If you have a watch running Wear OS, surely you know that you just need to swipe the main screen to show your notifications. These are customizable, so you don’t see the ones you don’t care about on your watch.

Unfortunately, it was until now relatively complex to configure them, since it was imperative to use the Wear OS application on your smartphone to manage them. Good news: management will finally be easier.

A simple shortcut

The Wear OS notification panel has indeed been updated. This facilitates the operation of notifications, since a shortcut now allows you to open the control screen more quickly.

The latter has a button to manage notifications. Unfortunately, this button is actually just a shortcut that opens the dedicated screen on your mobile and not on your watch. It is certainly easier to access the management of your notifications, especially if you want to get rid of those that are superfluous, but it would have been nice to be able to do it directly from your watch, especially if you use it independently of your smartphone.

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