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we tested The Climb 2, the return of virtual reality climbing

A successful virtual reality game, The Climb is back on Oculus Quest. Prepare your hands and eyes to take on new heights. But this time, The Climb 2 offers urban environments, as well as a new, more dynamic approach that takes full advantage of the strength of the Oculus Quest 2. And your sense of observation will be particularly in demand.

The virtual reality climbing game is back on Oculus Quest

The virtual reality climbing game is back on Oculus Quest // Gamesdone: Oculus

Thrill-seekers, you will be able to gain height! The Climb is back. Crytek’s game offers a sequel called quite simply The Climb 2 and available on the Oculus Quest platform for virtual reality headsets on Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2.

New environments and accessories

The famous first-person climbing game uses the same original concept: you can climb with your bare hands in the heart of flamboyant landscapes.

Five types of environment are proposed and they are all unique: the Alps and its mountainous reliefs, the Bay with its cliffs and its water, the more rocky Canyon, the City and its skyscrapers as well as the North with its steep peaks.

The northern environment in The Climb 2

The North environment in The Climb 2 // Gamesdone: Oculus

Each environment now comes in three levels (easy, intermediate, difficult) with different missions to complete to unlock the next level. In total, 15 new maps are offered, which you can approach in mode casual or professional, with trophies to be obtained depending on the weather and your climbing options (with or without chalk for example for the professional mode). But with a common goal: to achieve the best time.

You also have to be a keen observer to gauge the route that presents itself to you with easy, medium or difficult routes to the top. We tested it, the shortest is never the easiest, nor the one that seems easier on the first takes. Your field of vision in the Oculus Quest 2 and the ability to look around you 360 ° is appreciable. But that does not limit the extremely well rendered vertigo, even for the most seasoned of virtual reality.

More dynamic gameplay

So basically, The Climb 2 stays true to its promise and resumes its same game mechanics, it nevertheless brings some nice little gameplay improvements. You now have new dynamic items to help you depending on the environment you are in (ropes, ladders, climbing equipment, etc.).

The Climb 2 returns to Oculus Quest

The Climb 2 returns to Oculus Quest // Gamesdone: Oculus

The game plays much more on the sensations of movement with the Oculus Touch controllers. There are more possibilities to hang on, slide on the handles (beware of fragile hooks that break under your “weight”). The visual rendering and sensation is much better. And the whole is totally immersed in the virtual climbing experience. Above all, don’t look down!

In mode casual, you can progress relatively easily by chaining the takes even if you have decided to configure your headset in static mode (no Guardian barrier to define). Only the pain in the arms by dint of chaining the gripping movements to the walls will seem very real to you by force.

Vertigo in town

The all-new urban mode is particularly attractive and the feeling of vertigo is marked when you take the zipline from one building to another, which one must find the right brick to grab in order to progress or swing up to scaffolding. Helmet on your head, we believe it, for better or for worse.

Urban environments are yours in The Climb 2

Urban environments are available to you in The Climb 2 // Gamesdone: Oculus

Initially prototyped to judge the capabilities of the Oculus Rift headset, The Climb 2 is a new demonstration this time of the Oculus Quest headset and its main strength, its full autonomy. It’s still a lot nicer not to be hampered by a cable when you have to make a wide movement to virtually grab a farther grip.

And the power of the autonomous headset allows you to run the game and its sumptuous graphics (thanks to the Cryengine engine) without the slightest difficulty or latency problem between our movement and the visual rendering. In this, the refresh rate mounted to 90 Hz (and soon to 120 Hz with the imminent arrival of a patch) allows a completely immersive experience).

Source : Oculus

Gamesdone : Oculus

Conqueror Özbayram, producer of the game at Crytek, has already announced that updates will arrive soon to enrich the game which remains one of the best showcases of the game in virtual reality. With the intake, in The Climb 2, sound that fully contributes to the immersion.

Prices and availability

The Climb 2 is available on the Oculus Quest platform as of this evening of March 4.

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