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we know the prices of high-end 4K OLED TVs

This year, Sony’s best performing OLED TVs promise not only unmatched image processing power thanks to the Bravia XR processor, but also super high brightness. Indeed, the A90J, declined in 55, 65 and 83 inches exploit a new generation of panel whose peak would reach 1000 nits. All with a very classy monolith design and skyrocketing prices.

The high-end OLED models are available in 55, 65 and 83 inch versions

The high-end OLED models are available in 55, 65 and 83 inch versions

It is done ! Sony has just announced the prices of these next high-end OLED televisions… and it stings. This is about the family Bravia XR A90J which, we will remind you in passing, not only uses the best processors ever produced by Sony (the Bravia XR) and the all new generation of LG Display panel which would have the particularity of offering a particularly high peak in brightness.

For now, no official figure is announced, nor on the side of LG Display and even less at Sony which never communicates on this data. However, we expect that peak power will now reach 1000 nits. To find out more about the means implemented by Sony, but also about the performance promised for this new processor, we invite you to read our article on the Sony Bravia XR and its many image processing operations made possible thanks to its cognitive intelligence. . Let us also mention the quality of the audio equipment which also contributes to the high prices which we will now detail.

High-end OLED will not be accessible to everyone

During the announcements made during the fully digital CES 2021, Sony mentioned three models, a 55, a 65 and 83 inches. For now, only the prices of the 55 and 65 are known and as we said, the bill is quite steep. The Sony XR-55A90J is offered at 2699 euros and the Sony XR-65A90J is displayed at 3599 euros ! Both are now available for pre-order, but no specific date is given for the 83-inch. This one will happen ” during the year », According to the press release of the manufacturer.

As a reminder, the competitor products of these Bravia XRs are the Panasonic JZ2000, but especially the LG OLED G1 Evo for which we have already shared the prices with you. Once again, Sony assumes its position as a premium manufacturer by offering more expensive models. The LG G1 EVO are offered in 55, 65 and 77 inches at respective prices of 2399, 3499 and 6499 euros. Should we add to this that the Samsung Neo QLEDs, whose Mini LED technology already made a good impression on us when we first discovered them, are offered in 55, 65, 75 and 85 inches at respective prices of 2299, 2999, 4499 and 5,999 euros.

Still, the latter do not offer Dolby Vision compatibility (in favor of adaptive HDR10 +) where Sony supports this version of HDR. Finally, let’s not forget that the A90J is one of the models that will be eligible for the Sony Bravia Core ultra high definition streaming service.

Still no VRR or ALLM

As the saying goes, the devil is in the details. And the details are the little footnotes in a press release. It is by taking an interest in these that we learn that the Sony Bravia XR A90J will only be compatible with VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) and ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) technologies on the occasion of a next update.

The firm is no doubt waiting for the VRR to land on its PS5 via an update to deploy this technology on its TVs, but in the current state of affairs, this absence is really penalizing for players on consoles. next-gen from Microsoft and on PC.

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