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We install iOS 14 on an iPhone 6S and we tell you our experience


Apple is one of the companies that is taking care of the updates of its devices the most. Although in the past these updates have given Mac, iPhone and iPad users headaches due to a marked decrease in performance, recently we are seeing that new versions of the system arrive on mobiles with many years behind them without performance suffers. This is the case of iOS 14, the version of the system that arrived a few days ago and that obviously did so to the last generations of iPhone, but also to mobiles with five years behind them such as the iPhone 6 or the veteran iPhone SE of first generation. Obviously, on an iPhone 11, an XS or an XR, the system is great, but … does the same thing happen on an old iPhone with iOS 14? We had an iPhone 7 and an iPhone 6s operating (such as an alarm clock, agenda, etc.) and we decided to use these phones as guinea pigs, installing the latest version of the system. The experience in both has been very similar, somewhat better in the iPhone 7, but we are going to focus on the iPhone 6s because it has been the one that has aroused the most curiosity and the one that, in the end, we have ended up using as the main one with a Dual SIM (except for WhatsApp all the time because there were other mobiles to try, like the Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro). That said, we tell you our experience with an iPhone 6s with iOS 14. Experience with iOS 14 on the iPhone 6s by sections: On a day-to-day basis, the iPhone 6s in 2020 is not going bad at all. capture the points that have caught my attention after these two weeks with iOS 14 in the veteran Apple mobile. There are both good and bad sensations, things that are there, others that are not because they are exclusive to mobiles like the X onwards, but in general, in the day-to-day the sensations are positive. We take an in-depth look at the most powerful and spectacular iPhone. Apple’s bet for 2019, with an OLED screen and four cameras. Is it the best mobile of the year? The first day the phone got quite hot for the first few hours. This is something that I did not worry about because I imagined that the search engine was indexing everything I have on the phone and optimizing at a general level. From the second day on, I didn’t have those warm-up problems. Something that I liked is that the most interesting functions, for me, are. I can change the default applications, which were previously Apple and now I can put Gmail instead of Mail or Chrome (or any search engine) ahead of Safari. The picture-in-picture mode works and, although there is some jerk sometimes, most of the time the performance of the iPhone 6S with iOS 14 is very good. In fact, it is even rare to have such a fluid experience with a 2015 mobile and a 2020 system designed for more powerful mobiles. And it is that, we must remember that in 2015 the hardware of the telephone was not, by far, the top of the market. Only 2 GB of RAM and a dual-core CPU, and that the Widgets that are updated, the PiP and the general fluidity is good, is something that … well, that, surprises. The battery is the weak point of the iPhone 6s with iOS 14 This is where I have the biggest problem with the iPhone 6s and iOS 14. And that is, my battery is the original one and for the batteries, the use and time are not free. Beyond the logical degradation due to the passage of time and the many loads in its day, there is the fact that it was not changed after the controversy of a few years ago. A smartphone is a real computer, diary, social communicator, a multi-tool that fits in the palm of your hand. But it has an important limitation, its autonomy. Are there tricks to charge the mobile battery faster? It was learned that Apple limited the power of the processor to safeguard autonomy due to battery problems. As it turned out, Apple had to swap the battery of millions of devices for a new one that no longer limited the SoC. However, since at that time the iPhone 6s was no longer my main mobile and was in a drawer, I did not worry and did not change it. With normal use, I arrive at 18 in the afternoon looking for a plug. That is an option that is not worth me on a day-to-day basis because, precisely, at 6:00 p.m. I am leaving the gym and then I am going to have a drink, go for a walk or shop. And of course, I cannot have a mobile that does not allow me to follow that rhythm. I have had to take a small power bank to the gym to charge my phone while I finish my cardio session because, if not, it does not arrive at night, which is when I return home. I do not know if with the battery change that would have been fixed, but ‘if you are in my situation, you should know that by mid-afternoon the iPhone 6s is dead unless we put a plugged in (and it is not a mobile with fast charge). We lose some options, like the double tap for quick access … There are also functions that are lost and, for me, the most important is the double tap to access shortcuts. It is a function that goes from the iPhone X onwards and that, basically, allows us to access functions or apps in a very simple way. The new version of the best-selling wireless headphones in history came with many new features: new design, water resistance and active noise cancellation by flag. Is the leap worth it? We tell you about it in this review of Apple’s AirPods Pro. With a double tap on the back of the mobile, we can activate Siri, open an app or take a screenshot. It is an accessibility option that is lost and it is one of the ones that I would use the most in a new iPhone, but hey, in the end it is something that we have been seeing with Apple updates throughout these years in all systems. … but we have the same icon customization options. Of course, if what you care about is customization, good news. We have both the Widgets and the option to customize icons. In the following video I will tell you how to do the icons and, in addition, you can see both how good they are … and the main problem with this: Does the icon customization work? Yes. Is it something I removed as soon as I did the tutorial? Too. This is like everything else and you may be crazy about it, but I don’t like that when opening an application the script in which we see the shortcut app is executed and, again, how the app that we are trying to open loads. If you like it, great, you see that it works, but what I have used the most have been custom widgets. There are no shortcuts or scripts here and what we see in the dash is what there is. I like the custom design and it’s where I’ve spent the most time customizing the iPhone after the video, leaving the apps I use the most on the main two-three screens … and the rest in the app library drawer. Is it worth installing iOS 14 on an iPhone 6s? The first reason I updated the iPhone 6s was because I was curious. The second is because he had nothing to lose. I like to try the latest version of everything, but if the iPhone 6s were my main mobile I would have thought about it because the battery is the original one and because it is still a new system for a mobile with 5 years behind it. But hey, not only is it not bad, it actually has those features that I was asking for from iOS. Okay, the Widgets are kind of green and very limited, but there they are. The icons thing is a curiosity because I don’t like to see the script … but I like the app library, being able to hide those applications and have clear main screens without resorting to a large “garbage” folder. We tell you what options you have if you want to buy an iPad in 2020, Apple has renewed the range of tablets and the offer has been expanded, here you will find out about all the models and their characteristics. I would have liked to have double tap of shortcuts, but at least I have another option that I most wanted on the iPhone, which is to choose the default application for mail or the browser, since Safari works very well, but I use Chrome on mobiles. The problem is the one mentioned, the battery. It arrives, with a more or less normal use with WhatsApp, at 18 in the afternoon, but dying. Without WhatsApp it lasts a little longer, but not too long. Mine has the original battery and it is a problem because with iOS 11 it did not last much longer, but if you are in the same case, you should think carefully about updating or not. If you changed the battery after the controversy of a few years ago, it may be worth it to have the latest version of the system on your terminal.


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