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“We have always remained faithful to our motto Never Settle”

The year 2020 of OnePlus was marked by more smartphone releases that made us wonder if the brand was not betraying the philosophy that had always driven it until then. Tuomas Lampen, strategy director of the firm in Europe, answered some of our questions.

OnePlus 8T two

OnePlus 8T from the back // Gamesdone: Arnaud Gelineau for Frandroid

A few weeks ago, we published an editorial pointing out the rather surprising turn taken by OnePlus in 2020 with numerous releases and certain technical compromises that did not look at all like what the brand had always accustomed us to. We wondered then if OnePlus was still OnePlus.

Following this, we had the opportunity to send a few questions by email to Tuomas Lampen, the strategy director of OnePlus in Europe, so that he could provide us with some additional information to better understand the company’s vision.

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« We have always stuck to our motto Never Settle », He says. As a reminder, he is referring here to OnePlus’ promise to always play spoilers on the market.

We have long wanted to bring the experience « Never Settle »of the brand to more people around the world, by offering smartphones in different price ranges. However, until recently, releasing a more affordable product was not possible without compromising on the OnePlus standard of quality. Now, by taking advantage of the latest technologies from our partners such as Qualcomm and Google, we can offer more affordable products that don’t have to be ashamed of other products in the OnePlus family, and without compromising on their quality.

Remember that the OnePlus Nord N100 and N10 are equipped with fairly modest LCD screens and Snapdragon chips. The first is even satisfied with an HD + definition and looks like two drops of water like the Oppo A53.

OnePlus and Oppo

In this regard, we also asked how OnePlus differs from Oppo today – despite the two firms being under the umbrella of the same Oplus Group. On this point, Tuomas Lampen especially highlights OxygenOS.

« When you buy a OnePlus device, you don’t just buy the sum of the features, but you buy the assurance of a smooth user experience, running on one of the most popular Android interfaces: OxygenOS», He says. “Choosing a smartphone is not just a question of hardware and specs, what matters is the user experience, the way you feel when you take your phone in your hands, when you use ».

It is therefore by refining this software experience that OnePlus would continue to stand out. The strategic director also mentions that it is thanks to this that his brand has been able to build a very loyal community.

As for the relationship between Oppo and OnePlus, “she is very clear»According to our interlocutor. The two brands “share a common investor group and we only collaborate in certain areas like supply and production chain ».

Who updates Android?

In 2020, the brand has six smartphones released:

With a higher number of products on the table, one wondered if the company would remain as effective on Android updates that it has always deployed quickly and with long software monitoring. Here is what Tuomas Lampen tells us:

Ensuring our users quick access to Android updates has always been a priority for us. Over the years and as our product line expands, we always make sure that we have the necessary resources to support the standards that our community expects from us. These feedback we receive from the OnePlus community are essential to us and we want to reassure our users that we will continue to support our devices with prompt updates.

A priori, there would therefore be no concern about reactivity. Unfortunately, for longevity, it should be noted that the Nord N10 and Nord N100 models will only benefit from one major Android update (Android 11) and two years of security patches.

However, for our interlocutor, all these devices allow the brand to have today “a more complete range»Allowing to address several different profiles. Everything therefore suggests that the brand will continue to bet on this strategy in the short and medium term.

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