Tuesday, December 7

WD My Book Live drives are heavily hacked


Several WD My Book Live users have seen their entire data stored on NAS drives deleted remotely in what appears to be a massive hack. Western Digital encourages everyone to disconnect their device from the Internet.

WD My Book Live

Un disque WD My Book Live

Users of WD My Book Live drives should shut down their devices’ Internet connection as quickly as possible. Otherwise, they risk having all of their data stored in these NAS deleted outright due to a security breach.

The Western Digital company which markets these My Book Live NAS disks has indeed sent an email to its customers assuring that an investigation was underway to understand the origin of the problem and to correct it. However, many panicked users explain that all of their photos, videos and documents of all kinds stored on these devices have disappeared.

On the trail of massive hacking

One of the people affected by this major incident believes they have found the script guilty of this massive remote deletion of data. Everything suggests that this is a massive piracy. This is also the preferred track for Western Digital.

Western Digital has determined that certain My Book Live devices are compromised with malware. In some cases, this flaw has led to a factory reset which appears to erase all data on the device. The My Book Live device received its last firmware update in 2015. We understand that our customer’s data is very important. At this time, we recommend that you disconnect your My Book Live from the Internet to protect your data on the device.

User confusion

Unfortunately, for the victims, the news is obviously very difficult to take. “All my data is gone»Writes a client. “I’m completely ruined without this data … years of dataAnother laments. “It is very scary and devastating that someone could do a factory restore to my drive without any user permission», Confides a third.

Unfortunately, there is little hope: it is difficult to see how the plethora of missing data could be restored.

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