Monday, January 18

Walt Disney. Your new projects for 2021

The Walt Disney Company, holds its investors’ meeting every year, one of the events where the company usually provides information on its future projects.

This year, Disney Plus is at the center of information, since Warner announced just a week ago that its 2021 films will be released simultaneously on cinemas Y HBO Max.

These investment meetings are the ideal time for Disney to present its new projects within franchises and studios such as Marvel, Star Wars O Pixar. On this occasion, Disney has tried to convince investors that they are the digital content platform of the future.

New Walt Disney projects

They have revealed a huge storm of projects that include ten new series of the franchise Star Wars, at least a dozen Marvel movies, a Pixar series, and many new action movies that will feature well-known and highly reputable actors. Between them “Pinocchio” with Tom Hanks In the role of Gepetto, Y “The little Mermaid”Which will be attended by Javier Bardem.

Disney will also have streaming, despite its high cost. It has five platforms to fill in:

  • Disney + (with 87 million subscribers).
  • Hulu (with 39 million subscribers).
  • ESPN + (with 11.5 million).
  • Star y Star +, the last two to be released next year. In them you will be able to see FX series and most historical titles from Disney and 20th Century.

The Kardashians, new Disney princesses

Among all the novelties that Disney will bring, the most powerful clan in current television, has signed an exclusive contract with Disney.

Although they were expected to go to Netflix, the family Kardashian-Jenner has signed a multi-year contract with the Mickey Mouse studio. Their new projects are going to focus on telling and showing their daily lives. They will be broadcast on Hulu in the United States, and in the rest of the world on Star. It will be at the end of 2021 when we can begin to enjoy this family.

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