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Volkswagen’s new name in the USA

In order to definitively turn the page on Dieselgate, Volkswagen is changing its identity across the Atlantic and showing its desire for electrification: Voltswagen will be the new name of the group.

For some time now, the Volkswagen group has wanted to be taken seriously in the world of electric vehicles. With great ambitions for the future, “Voltswagen” is not just a simple name change: it is a public statement proving the group’s investment in electric mobility.

Producing the best vehicles for drivers

The “people’s car” (Volkswagen in German) does not mean to change its philosophy. The goal for the German group will remain to offer vehicles accessible to the greatest number, and which will be the best in their category. However, in their press release, Voltswagen specifies that the goal is now to allow people to travel from point A to point B, by electric vehicle.

There is no longer any doubt: it will be necessary to count on Voltswagen for the coming decade, to be the electric car of the people. The CEO of Voltswagen of America said: “ The idea of ​​the people’s car is the essence of our company. We declared this from the start of our shift towards the electric future, we will produce electric vehicles for millions of people, not just millionaires ».

The new graphic identity of Voltswagen

The new graphic identity of Voltswagen

A spade no doubt thrown at a Californian brand of electric vehicles too expensive in the eyes of the CEO of Voltswagen of America. With the arrival of its ID.4 SUV on the American continent, the group reaffirms its environmental involvement for the near future. In addition to reducing the company’s carbon impact, which will be reduced by 30% by 2025, carbon neutrality is announced for 2050.

To do this, all the brands of the German giant will launch 70 models of electric vehicles in the current decade, and plans to sell 1 million units before 2025. For the moment, it is not specified whether the change identity will be reserved for the USA, or if it will be the same for Europe.

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