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Volkswagen surfs the month of April thanks to ID.4 and ID.3


In April 2021, the Volkswagen brand decided to bang its fist on the table by dominating European sales: its ID.4 and ID.3 simply monopolize the top 2. But since the beginning of the year , the Tesla Model 3 remains the star of electrics.

The battle for electric vehicles has only just begun, but the trends for the year 2021 are slowly but surely starting to take shape in Europe. The latest EV Volumes report – relayed by Clean Technica – highlights the sales figures for the month of April and those recorded since the start of the year within the Old Continent.

And the least we can say is that two Volkswagen models were a hit during the fourth month of this 2021 vintage: the ID.4 and ID.3 indeed occupy the first two places in the ranking with 7565 and 5941. units, respectively. During our test, the connected SUV had convinced us in more than one way.

Volkswagen shows the muscles

Today, it is clear that Volkswagen’s electrification strategy, through its ID. Brand, is starting to bear fruit. Its electric compact also widens a good gap with its direct competition, the Renault Zoe and its 4,083 sales recorded, followed by its best enemy, the Peugeot e-208 (4083).

The Tesla Model 3, it is absent from the ranking, because European and especially French deliveries are made at the end of the quarter by the American manufacturer. Nothing to worry about, therefore, especially since the Californian sedan has still masterfully dominated electric sales on the continent since the start of the year.

In total, 32,444 Model 3 found buyers between January and April. Behind, the Volkswagen ID.3 suffers from the comparison with 17,703 models, followed by the Renault Zoé (16,659), Hyundai Kona EV (14,394), Peugeot e-208 (13,554), Volkswagen ID.4 (13,346 ), Kia e-Niro (13 054), Volkswagen e-UP! (11,716), Nissan Leaf (10,856), Audi e-tron (18,831) and Fiat 500e (10,489).

The Tesla Model 3 impresses, since it faces the behemoths of the automotive sector, which invest several billion euros in electricity. In France, the star of the Tesla catalog has been a hit for several months now due to a price reduction that made it eligible for the maximum ecological bonus of 7,000 euros.

Tesla only relies on its Model 3

Still on a European scale, the ranking by brand goes to Volkswagen with an 11% market share. The podium is completed by Mercedes (10.2%) and BMW (9.6%), for a winning trio 100% German. Tesla is only in 7th place with 5.3% of EBITDA, but this position remains a great achievement in view of its current commercial situation.

In Europe, Tesla can only count on its Model 3, when the competition multiplies the references to their catalog to widen their targets as much as possible. Indeed, the new Model S and Model X will not land until the end of 2021, if not in case of further delay. When the Model Y depends on the progress of the Gigafactory in Berlin … whose deadlines have been extended.

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