Tuesday, April 13

Vivo partners with Zeiss for better smartphone photos

Vivo and Zeiss announce a technological partnership to allow more successful photos with our smartphones. The Vivo X60 series will be the first to benefit from the fruits of this alliance.

Vivo is doing like Nokia before it and is teaming up with the specialist in photography Zeiss. Unsurprisingly, the objective of this alliance is to be able to improve the pictures taken with the Chinese manufacturer’s smartphones.

In the announcement press release, the two companies explain that they want “leverage their respective strengths and advance mobile photography technology“. Vivo and Zeiss will therefore set up a joint R&D program with the aim of developing new solutions to improve the way we take photos and the quality of the images produced.

Remember, however, that Vivo did not wait for Zeiss to nurture a particular appetite for this area. This is evidenced by the Vivo X51, which stands out for its miniaturized gimbal system integrated into its photo module for better stabilized images – more sharpness in shots and better fluidity in video.

Appointment for the Vivo X60

Finally, important information should be remembered. “The first imaging system co-developed by Vivo and Zeiss»Will be featured in the series Vivo X60. This family of smartphones should see the light of day in 2021 to take over from the X51 in France – and the X50 in China.

As the Zeiss

The announcement of the partnership between Vivo and Zeiss

We mentioned it above: Zeiss is not its first such partnership in mobile telephony. The German has also stamped Nokia smartphone cameras with his name.

Huawei is pursuing a similar policy on its side, but prefers to ally itself with Leica, like what we have seen on the Mate 40 Pro.

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