Wednesday, October 20

Vivo launches its first true wireless aptX HD headphones in France


Vivo has unveiled its first headphones for the French market, the Vivo TWS Neo, aptX HD compatible.

Vivo TWS Neo headphones

Vivo TWS Neo headphones // Gamesdone: Vivo

So far absent from the European market, it is with great fanfare that Vivo signed its arrival in France on Tuesday. Not content with announcing the launch of its Vivo X51 5G, the manufacturer has also launched into the headphone market with nothing less than two pairs offered, the Vivo Wireless Sport and the Vivo TWS Neo.

The Vivo Wireless Sport are fairly classic Bluetooth headphones, in that they are not true wireless models, but simple neck warmers intended, as their name suggests, for sports use. Hi-Res audio certified, they are compatible with the LDAC codec. They also benefit from an autonomy ranging from 8 to 12 hours depending on the conditions of use, while the recharge can recover up to four hours of autonomy in five minutes. Note also that the headphones are in-ear and that the fins are there to ensure the maintenance in the ear.

But the most interesting headphones are indeed the second pair announced by Vivo, the TWS Neo. On the one hand because, unlike Wireless Sport, they will be marketed in France, but also because they feature a true wireless format. The Vivo TWS Neo also benefit from 14.2 mm diameter transducers and are, for their part, compatible with the aptX HD codec in the absence of LDAC. This time, they are open-fit headphones – like classic AirPods – without active noise reduction functionality.

Latency of less than 100ms

Vivo also communicates on a low latency of 88 ms with its headphones, although it will necessarily be necessary to test them to see if there is any discomfort. Remember that latency is inherent in Bluetooth technology on Android, especially in games. It is however compensated by a slight delay in the display for video applications like Netflix or YouTube. Like the Vivo Wireless Sport, the TWS Neo are also compatible with Google Assistant. Vivo also thought of integrating a volume control thanks to the sliding of the finger, a function absent on many headphones of the genre.

Vivo TWS Neo will be commercially available from October 30th. They will be available at a price of 129.99 euros. Wireless Sport headphones will not be released in France.


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