Thursday, January 21

Vivo is already showing itself to be a very good student on the updates

Vivo has just announced the upcoming update to Android 11 for four of its smartphones. This not only applies to its very high end, but also its entry-level smartphones. A small feat.

Bubble in the Vivo X51 screen

The Vivo X51 hallmark // Gamesdone: Frandroid

Having arrived very recently on the European market, Vivo seems not only eager to impose itself there, but also very attentive to consumers. While a good number of Chinese manufacturers tend to arrive “in force” and to copy / paste a marketing strategy designed for the Asian market, Vivo is more attentive to user issues, particularly with regard to the software part. .

Android 11 adapted to the European market

On its current smartphones, Vivo offers in Europe a variant of FuntouchOS, its home interface. In order to adapt to local preferences, this interface has been modified and especially refined in order to be closer to what Google offers natively. In his test of the X51, Omar explained that “FuntouchOS with European sauce offers a sober and intuitive experience», Which cannot be said of all Chinese interfaces.

But even more, Vivo is extremely responsive on updates. While very few manufacturers have already deployed their update to Android 11, the brand “which has no connection with BBK” has just announced the update soon of its four smartphones available.

Thus, the Vivo X51 5G should receive the latest version of Android at the end of November (this is not yet the case on the model we have at Frandroid’s editorial staff), while the Vivo Y70 , Y20s and Y11s will be entitled to this update “later in the year ».

Excellent responsiveness

It is important to note that Vivo thus performs an excellent follow-up, because if it is not surprising at this time of the year to see the latest version of Android arriving on the flagships, updating smartphones less than 200 euros is a very unusual practice among the competition.

Between Oppo, Realme and Vivo, competition will be fierce to take the place of Huawei, which has lost its luster in Europe after its setbacks with the US government.

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