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Vaio tries to integrate a Core i7-11357H into the chassis of an ultrabook


Very often, between compactness, performance, design and autonomy … the equation of choosing a laptop leads to making concessions. Vaio, a Japanese brand that you have certainly come across, has just announced a laptop in the form of an ultrabook, but with a high performance mobile CPU.

Vaio, you’re probably familiar with the Sony laptop brand. The brand is still Japanese, but it now only belongs to 5% to Sony… the rest of the shares being held by a fund called Japan Industrial Partners. While we don’t see more Vaio products in France, it’s a brand that is still very present in Asia and America. Vaio is unlikely to relaunch Europe because of the Sino-Taiwanese competition, but it is always interesting to look into their novelties.

Vaio Z: performance and compactness

The Vaio Z is the equivalent of the Dell XPS in the PC world and the MacBook Pro in the Mac world. They are thin and light computers, but offer a high level of performance and good battery life. Logically, we find a very low consumption processor on these products, the Core series H range from Intel being reserved rather for gaming PCs. The novelty of the Vaio Z is to integrate a CPU Intel Core i7-11357H in the chassis of an ultrabook.

This quad-core chip has a TDP of up to 35 Watts with a 3.30 GHz clock frequency which rises to 5 GHz in mode boost. We are therefore far from the performance of low consumption U series Core CPUs. Despite that, Vaio announces up to 10 hours of battery life… Whereas it is rare that a PC equipped with this type of chip does not exceed 5 hours of autonomy.

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Obviously the feat of Vaio is that the whole makes less than 1 kilogram for 1.5 centimeters of thickness, you can even bend the screen 180 degrees. Vaio had to use technological advances to efficiently dissipate the heat emitted by the CPU in such a small chassis.

However, there is 1 Thunderbolt 4 USB-C port, a full-format HDMI port, Wi-Fi 6, as well as a 14-inch non-touch IPS LCD screen in 4K definition. As a reminder, the CPU used incorporates the Intel Iris Xe iGPU which offers good graphics performance for an integrated graphics chip.

With a 2TB PCIe SSD, the price soars under $ 4,000 (around $ 3,300). If you fell in love with this laptop, you must import it with a QWERTY keyboard.

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