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understand the range to choose the best

Relatively young, Realme is very successful. We explain the range to you and recommend the best products.

The 3 best Realme at a glance

5G for everyone

8 /10

  • Always an excellent set
  • If you are willing to sacrifice OLED
  • and a little performance

Xiaomi has long been the go-to brand when it comes to delivering phones at the best value for money. But that was before. Because now we also have to rely on Realme.

Launched in France in 2019, the Chinese firm born in the bosom of Oppo quickly made a name for itself in France and ended Xiaomi’s hegemony, not only on the entry level, but also at higher prices.

And unlike its great rival, Realme has the good taste to offer a relatively readable range (for now). We explain here which are the best terminals of the mark.

For an overview of the best smartphones of the moment, head to our selection.

We go upmarket this time with the Realme X50 Pro 5G. Like all “Pro” versions, it has a classic little brother which we will talk about later. Initially marketed at around 600 euros, 250 euros therefore separate them, but the price-quality ratio remains intact. And don’t worry, there are plenty of smartphones out there between $ 400 and $ 500.

Le Realme X50 Pro

The Realme X50 Pro // Gamesdone: Frandroid

Because for this price, it has everything of a great, to the point even that we can consider this terminal as the “flagship killer” of 2020. It is all the more true that OnePlus has decided to market its OnePlus 8 to 699 euros… thus leaving the field open to Realme.

As the name suggests, the X50 Pro 5G is 5G compatible and this currently makes it one of the cheapest phones on the market supporting the future telecommunications standard. This is allowed by the presence of the Snapdragon 865, particularly powerful.

The Amoled screen also adopts a refresh rate of 90 Hz and spans a diagonal of 6.44 inches which also makes it a relatively compact terminal, too bad it is a bit thick.

On the other hand, we regret a photo part which could have been better. In this price range, the faults are less excusable, and we feel that Realme still has some efforts to make on this point although they obviously remain honorable. Finally, true to its habits, the firm offers solid autonomy and efficient rapid recharging. To find out more, head to our test.

Under the X50 Pro, logically comes the X50 “quite short”. Unsurprisingly, this is a cheaper version of the Pro version. To keep the price lower, the brand started by sacrificing the OLED screen in favor of the LCD, but it is still a 120 Hz panel. We certainly lose the infinite contrasts, but the 120 Hz still has its effect. . The panel is, moreover, slightly larger on the X50 Pro, at 6.57 inches against 6.44.

The screen of the Realme X50

The screen of the Realme X50 // Gamesdone: Frandroid

The processor is also less powerful with a Snapdragon 765G instead of the 865, but still 5G compatible. Don’t panic, that won’t change much. All the games run smoothly and the animations remain perfectly smooth. The processor will be supported by 6 GB of memory on the basic version with 128 GB of storage.

On the part, the X50 offers 4 sensors on the back, two of which are really important: the main one from 48 megapixels (f / 1.8) and ultra wide-angle 119 ° from 8 megapixels (f / 2.3). Macro and depth sensors are generally of little use, but that’s always the case. Be aware in any case that the main sensor is doing well most of the time. This is less the case with the ultra wide angle. Finally, on autonomy, the 4,200 mAh battery holds the day without difficulty.

This is one of the best smartphones to try out 5G without breaking the bank. Do not hesitate to read our test for all the details.

The choice of reason

8 /10

Realme 7 Pro

  • The best value for money
  • 65W fast charge
  • Balanced and free from major flaws

Available at € 299 on Fnac

Sold for 300 €, the Realme 7 Pro is intended as the good compromise of the 2020 range of Chinese. This results in a neat finish despite the use of plastic for the back. This choice also makes it possible to keep a contained weight which makes the phone pleasant in the hand.

Realme 7 Pro on main

A sense of balance found in the onboard AMOLED FHD + screen. It will not mark the spirits, but both the brightness and the colors are satisfactory. The fingerprint reader is also concealed under it. The results in photo are in the same tone, the four sensors succeed in producing good shots in all situations. Night mode won’t go down in history, but it does a decent job of capturing memories in low light.

On the processor side, we find the Snapdragon 720G, an SoC that offers good performance at this price level and even allows you to play in decent conditions. Where the phone stands out is in its battery. The 4500 mAh ensure two good days of use, but it is especially the fast charging of 65 W that seduces. A full tank will therefore take a little over half an hour. And best of all, the charger is included.

Available most of the time under the 300 € mark, the Realme 7 Pro is therefore a balanced smartphone offering very good value for money.

Released at the end of 2020, the Realme 7i is a very aggressive option for small budgets, with a price around € 170. Despite its low price, it boasts an attractive design and a plastic back that is pleasing to the eye and to the touch. The machine is quite bulky, but the use of plastic helps to contain the weight.

Realme 7i

On the screen side, Realme has chosen a refresh rate of 90 Hz and an HD + resolution. The brightness is average and the contrast excellent. We therefore obtain a balanced and readable panel in all circumstances.

The photo module is generally correct, but at this price we did not expect miracles. If the pictures are clean as long as the conditions are good, we notice a strong degradation in low light even when using the night mode.

The Helio G85 processor used is not good at gaming (Fortnite does not work at all), but it is sufficient to ensure a good user experience. Coupled with the 6,000mAh battery, this SoC gives the phone three to four days of battery life without batting an eyelid. On the other hand, the fast charge lags a little since it takes almost 2 h 40 to go up to 100%. For more details, read our full review.

Where to buy the

Realme 7i at the best price?

For further

Who is Realme?

Realme is a cousin brand of OnePlus or Oppo. However, even if they share infrastructure and production lines, these entities insist on emphasizing the independence of their strategic decisions.

What characterizes Realme smartphones?

Like many new Chinese brands, we have seen with Huawei, OnePlus or Xiaomi, Realme stands out with smartphones with excellent quality / performance / price ratio. A strategy that has paid off since it now overshadows Xiaomi in this segment which was once its preserve.

I hesitate between Realme and Xiaomi, what to choose?

As we have seen in this article, Realme and Xiaomi have quite similar proposals. If you are hesitating between the two, we can also advise you to take a look at our selection of the best Xiaomi smartphones.

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