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unboxing and answers to your questions


Frandroid received the two new Xboxes. The opportunity to discover the Series S and the Series X together, but also to answer your questions.

Xbox Series X et Xbox Series S

The Xbox Series X and Series S // Gamesdone: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

After long months of waiting, we finally arrive at the gates of the next-gen. At Microsoft, this translates into a new strategy with two consoles, the Series S and the Series X, but also an Xbox Game Pass service and a new offer with Xbox All Access.

An ambitious strategy, and above all different from what console manufacturers can usually offer, which inevitably raises questions. We received the two machines at the editorial office. While waiting for a full test, here is a unboxing, and especially the answers to the questions you ask yourself.

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Xbox Series S et Series X

What are the differences between the two consoles?

The Xbox Series X aims to be the most powerful console on the market, designed to run next-gen games in 4K with the most graphics effects possible. It’s a high-end machine for video game enthusiasts. It has 1TB of SSD storage.

The Xbox Series S is the most compact and cheapest next-gen console at the end of the year. It is designed to run games in Full HD, or with upscaling in 4K. She doesn’t have a Blu-ray player, which means you absolutely have to download her games. Its SSD storage is limited to 512 GB.

Xbox Series SXbox Series X
Render target1440p at 60 FPS (up to 120 FPS)4K 2160p at 60 FPS (up to 120 FPS)
Storage512 Go1 To
Expandable storageYes (1TB SSD memory card)
Backward compatibilityXbox,
Xbox 360,
Xbox One S
Xbox 360,
Xbox One X
Disc playerNonBlu-ray 4K UHD
Ports1 USB (at the front),
2 USB (rear),
1 HDMI 2.1,
1 RJ45,
1 external SSD drive,
1 power supply
ConnectivityWi-Fi 5
Dimensions27,5 cm x 15,1 cm x 6,5 cm30,1 x 15,1 x 15,1 cm
Weight1,93 kg4,45 kg
Release dateNovember 10, 2020
Price299 euros (or 24.99 euros per month)499 euros

Is it worth replacing an Xbox One X with an Xbox Series S?

The Xbox One X was Microsoft’s top-of-the-line console on the previous generation. Swapping an Xbox One X for a Series S means going downmarket, the games will no longer be rendered in 4K, and giving up the Blu-ray player. If you have physical games on disc, they will not be compatible with the S Series.

That being said, the Xbox Series S is definitely a next-gen console. Next-gen games like The Medium will not be releasing on the Xbox One X, and will be more and more numerous, while they will of course be releasing Series S.

Do I need a good internet connection for the Xbox Series S?

Xbox Series S makes it mandatory to download video games. With increasingly large games, it can take quite a while to install them if you have a connection with a fairly low speed. It is necessarily preferable to have a very good internet connection to take advantage of it.

If you have a bad connection and a limited budget, but you want to avoid saturating the S Series storage too quickly, we recommend that you invest in an external hard drive that will allow you to store the games in about twenty minutes, rather than uninstalling them.

Is Microsoft planning an Xbox Series S with Blu-ray drive?

There are no leaks to predict the arrival of a third Xbox model in the coming months. Microsoft will already have a lot to do to explain the differences between its two models, and it seems unlikely to see an intermediate model appear for the moment.


How do Xbox One X enhanced games behave on Xbox Series S?

We haven’t been able to test it for ourselves yet, but Microsoft has announced that games that have been improved for the Xbox One X will not be able to benefit from these improvements on Series S.

The S Series is indeed more powerful than the Xbox One X, but it incorporates a little less RAM. Microsoft therefore cannot technically ensure perfect compatibility of these games in the Xbox One X version.

In other words, the Xbox Series S runs the Xbox One S games. These games will still have the right to some potential improvements, such as a more stable performance, or a slightly finer rendering.

What will be the new games at launch?

While Xbox Series S and X are backward compatible with previous generations of Xbox, they will also be eligible for new games at launch on November 10.

  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
  • Bright Memory 1.0
  • Enlisted (Preview)
  • The Falconeer
  • Gears Tactics

We have only listed here games that were released on November 10 and have not previously released on Xbox One.

Xbox Game Pass et Xbox All Access

What is the difference between the two offers?

Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft’s subscription offer which provides access to a catalog of downloadable games for a monthly fee. There are several packages, the most high-end is the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate which includes a catalog of games on console, on PC, online play (Xbox Live Gold), the EA Play subscription and the possibility of playing in streaming in cloud gaming.

The Xbox All Access offer is a credit offer that includes the purchase of an Xbox and a 24-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, payable in 24 installments. It allows, like the model of the subscription smartphone, not to spend several hundred euros at once.

Do you think this offer can switch PS5 players to the Xbox side?

It is obviously very difficult to answer this question in this kind of article, it would merit a longer and more detailed analysis. We will all the same say that Microsoft seems to offer a much more convincing offer and strategy for this launch, compared with the launch of the Xbox in 2013.

The two Xbox consoles are competitive, the company has invested in exclusive content by buying studios, and the Xbox All Access offer could succeed in convincing households with tighter budgets. While there is no doubt that the demand for the PS5 is very strong, the Xbox Series S could succeed in establishing itself as a secondary console with gamers.

The Game Pass will not vampirize the sales of new Xbox, by offering games on Xbox One?

Microsoft will continue to release a few games on Xbox One, but in the long run, the next generation of games will be available on new consoles.

In the strategy of the firm, the number of Xbox Game Pass subscriptions is more important than the sales of Xbox consoles. This is why it offers its subscription on PC, and now in cloud gaming. That’s not to say that it doesn’t want to sell consoles anymore, just that this element is no longer the number one priority.

Which stores will offer Xbox All Access?

In France, the Xbox All Access offer will be available in Fnac and Micromania stores from November 10, 2020.

Is it renting or leasing? Does the console belong to me?

Contrary to what one might think, the Xbox All Access offer is not a rental offer, but indeed a credit. This means that you own the console from day one.

Can we terminate before the end of the All Access commitment?

Xbox All Access works like a credit. It is possible to terminate before the end of the commitment in principle, by reimbursing the credit institution. This organization will manage the offer, not Microsoft or the participating stores.

What if I’m already an Xbox Game Pass subscriber and subscribe to All Access?

Xbox All Access includes a 24-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. If you’re a Xbox Game Pass month subscription, you can switch to the new subscription when you receive the console, or wait until a later date.

If you have more than 12 months of prepaid Xbox Game Pass on your Microsoft or Xbox Live account, especially because you took advantage of the advantageous offer allowing to subscribe for 3 years at half price, then you will have to wait before you start. activate the 24 month subscription.

When subscribing to All Access and switching on the console, it will be possible to choose ” Decide later ”So as not to immediately activate the 24-month subscription.

Blu-rays and multimedia

Does Xbox Series X support Dolby Vision for Blu-ray?

Microsoft has announced support for Dolby Vision for video games in 2021 for its two new consoles. Dolby Vision support for SVOD content (Netflix, Disney +, etc.) is currently already in place, since the Xbox One X.

On the other hand, the firm has, to date, not confirmed the support of Dolby Vision for Blu-ray.

Other questions ?

Obviously, if you have any other questions about the new Xbox consoles, or things you’d like us to try out, feel free to ask in the commentary or on social media. We can take them into account for our tests.


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