Tuesday, October 19

Translate arrives on iPad and improves speech recognition


Apple announced at WWDC 2021 that its translation app is coming to Apple, with a bunch of added features.

WWDC 2021 Translate

Apple’s translation app is coming to iPad. A large window allows you to take advantage of the Apple brand tablet.

By the way, Apple took the opportunity to improve its application by integrating the ability to retrieve text in almost any application, by keeping your finger pressed to open the drop-down menu of the iPad, and by clicking on “translate “.

Earlier in the conference, Apple showed off iOS’s ability to recognize text in a variety of situations, and of course, the translator app is no exception. From a simple image, it is possible to extract text and translate it on the fly.

Speech Recognition

The brand is also building on its progress in voice recognition. It will suffice to speak directly into the microphone of an iPad or iPhone for the latter to understand the language of a speaker and translate it live.

The translation can even take the form of an SMS or private messaging conversation, in order to help navigate between two interlocutors who do not understand each other.


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