Friday, October 30

Toyota teams up with Hiro to sell a zero-emission truck in 2021

The world of sustainable trucks is moving after the controversy with Nikola and Toyota continues to advance its project to sell zero-emission trucks. Although motorcycles and electric cars seem to outshine other types of vehicles, the area of ​​electric trucks is vital as well and a business that can be very lucrative for manufacturers. It is true that in recent weeks we have been able to see how the controversy of Nikola was talking (for bad) of this sector, but there are also positive advances. Toyota has been working on Project Portal, a fuel cell semi-trailer for a few years. And it seems that, after almost four years, it has been officially announced that it will develop a truck with these hydrogen batteries. Much has been said about the Class 8, but until now it has always been avoided to put a date on it. Toyota announced this Monday that it is working with Hiro on a zero-emission truck that it will seek to sell in North America and that will finally have the fuel cell they have been working on for years. In addition, this business association will aim to create another different truck for Japan, according to CNET. According to Tak Yokoo, senior executive engineer for Research and Development at Toyota, achieving “a fuel cell-powered version of the Hino XL series is beneficial to both customers and the community. It will be quiet, smooth and powerful and will not emit anything else. what water”. The first version of this truck is expected to arrive in the first half of 2021 and, although specific specifications have not been discussed, Project Portal 2.0 could already indicate a direction with the 670 horsepower and 12 kWh batteries that allowed autonomy. of 480 kilometers. Some data that is very interesting for the technology used. The Toyota Prius is the hybrid par excellence, with more than 20 years of marketing. And the great novelty of this update of its fourth generation is the incorporation of an all-wheel drive system, which we will see later. We put the Toyota Prius 125H AWD-i to the test. In any case, after all the debate that exists about these trucks due to the possible fraud of Nikola, it is not ruled out that Toyota’s announcement has come with the intention of showing tangible results and a close bet that prevents investors from doubting or stay away from the sector.

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