Monday, April 12

towards record autonomy announced on April 15

Mercedes announces the color with its EQS to come, by specifying that “the time when one was afraid of the autonomy of its electric vehicle is behind us”.

The Mercedes EQS Sedan

The Mercedes EQS Sedan // Gamesdone: Mercedes

According to preliminary tests, the homologated autonomy in the WLTP cycle for the future Mercedes EQS should reach 770 kilometers. Enough to place it at the top of the list of electric vehicles with the most autonomy.

A battery pack that breaks all records

Currently, electric cars available with the largest battery packs are only around 100 kWh. Even if the Tesla Model S, Model X, Porsche Taycan or Ford Mustang Mach-e benefit from the most capacitive batteries, they will probably not be able to compete with the Mercedes EQS.

Indeed, the premium sedan of the German group will accommodate a battery of 108 kWh, and with an expected consumption of 140 Wh / km in the WLTP cycle, the displayed autonomy will be able to exceed 770 kilometers. This improves the Mercedes forecasts that we shared with you last summer by 10%.

Of course, other vehicles announced by Tesla (Roadster, or Model S Plaid +) should display greater autonomy and carry larger batteries, but these models are not yet on our roads. It will probably take more than a year to see the arrival of the first Tesla Model S Plaid +, and learn more about the details of its revolutionary battery pack.

Maximum aerodynamics

If the latest Tesla Model S displays a coefficient of friction of only 0.208, Mercedes communicates for the moment on a figure of 0.20 for its EQS, thus placing it as the most aerodynamic vehicle available to the general public.

To learn more about the long-awaited sedan, Mercedes will meet us on April 15 for a “Digital World Premiere” which will herald the start of a new era for the company. The prices will be revealed in particular, but we might as well not be under any illusions: the EQS will be a luxury vehicle, and its price will reflect it.

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