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towards a battery capable of supporting 3 million km according to new results

Will future Tesla have the right to batteries capable of supporting more than 3 million kilometers? In any case, this is what the new results recently found by researcher Jeff Dahn suggest. This new milestone could then meet more advanced needs.

How long ago was the time when Elon Musk hoped that the battery of his Tesla Model 3 would last up to 800 kilometers before potential damage. And yet, it was not until April 2019. A year and a half later, research on the subject has taken a giant leap forward. Five months ago, the Dalhousie University research team headed by Professor Jeff Dahn made a first breakthrough in this area.

Always higher

The results found by the scientists thus foreshadowed Tesla batteries capable of supporting 1.5 million kilometers, thanks to a new technology based on the NMC 532 cathode. If the latter consists of nickel and manganese, its cobalt content – material whose extraction is controversial – has been reduced, as Elon Musk wishes.

Tesla would prepare new options to charge our mobiles in its Model 3

Tesla would prepare new options for recharging our mobiles in its Model 3 // Gamesdone: Bram Van Oost – Unsplash

Except that this already very promising threshold has been considerably raised according to new conclusions found by Jeff Dahn, and relayed by Electrek. In total, no less than 15,000 cycles could be performed on this new battery, which would then be able to withstand 3.2 million kilometers. Better still: its level of degradation would even be very low, or even almost zero, when the accumulator is discharged between 25 and 50% of its capacity.

For what uses?

Mr. Dahn wonders: do we really need it? For Elon Musk, the question she is quickly answered almost irrelevant to his future projects. The American entrepreneur aims to deploy fleets of robot taxis which should be used more often than average. Its Semi trucks will also be required to travel long distances for as many years as possible.

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