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Tom Cook, Tim Sweeney and their executives will testify

In Epic’s lawsuit against Apple, senior officials from two brands are expected to testify in person. The trial is scheduled to begin on May 3, 2021, in California.

Apple cartoon on Fortnite

The Apple caricature with Fortnite sauce // Gamesdone: Epic Games

The case between Apple and Epic Games will therefore see the leaders of the two companies present themselves in person, from May 3 in California.

Apple side, according to the list of witnesses made public by Apple InsiderCEO Tim Cook is expected to speak for more than two hours. He will be questioned by Apple’s lawyers for an hour, then by those representing Epic for another hour, before Apple’s lawyers take over for ten minutes.

An “Apple Fellow” will speak for 10 hours

Among the other executives brought to the helm by the Apple brand, we find Craig Federighi, who will speak on the operation of iOS, especially in terms of security. There will also be Matt Fischer, Vice President of the App Store, Eric Friedman, in charge of the fight against fraud on the App Store, Eric Gray, who will discuss the payment process on the App Store, Mark Grimm , who will defend the advantages offered by him according to the Apple system to developers, CK Haun, who will detail points concerning “the business model” of Apple and Trystan Ksomynka, who should discuss the process of curation of the App store. Shan Pruden and Michael Schmid will both be in charge of detailing support for Epic when Fortnite was on the App Store.

Finally a witness brought by Apple should intervene for nearly 10 hours. This is Phil Schiller, an “Apple Fellow”, a title that rewards people who have helped the brand in an exceptional way. The latter should provide many details ranging from the launch of the App Store, its principles, its business model to its commissions, through the launch of the iPhone.

On the Epic side, in addition to its CEO, Tim Sweeney, the court should see Daniel Vogel, Chief operating officer, the equivalent of the executive director, the former CFO (administrative and financial director) Jospeh Bacock, the vice-president of marketing , Matthew Weissinger and many other current and former executives.

Among the third party witnesses, that is to say witnesses who were not called by one or the other of the brands, there is one who could tip the scales a little to one side or the other. on the other: the former head of iOS, Scott Forstall. Other former Apple employees are also referred to under this status of third-party witnesses: Ron Okamoto and Phillip Shoemaker. Executives from other brands are expected, such as Facebook, Microsoft and Nvidia.

Apple chiefs say to themselves “Impatient”

Apple is not disassembling and declares to Mac Rumors: “Our executives look forward to sharing at court the very positive impact the App Store has had on innovation, global economies and user experience over the past 12 years. We are confident that the case will prove that Epic willfully violated its agreement, with the sole purpose of increasing its revenue, which resulted in their removal from the App Store ”.

The Apple brand even accuses the developer of the Unreal Engine of endangering competition and user safety: “By doing so, Epic bypassed the security features of the App Store in a way that would have reduced competition and placed the privacy of our users’ data at immense risk. ”

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