Thursday, January 20

to better protect you from the sun, Google adds the UV index


Google has announced the arrival of new data in the Weather application of Wear OS with support for the UV index.

The UV index display on Wear OS

The display of the UV index on Wear OS // Gamesdone: Google

Google’s Wear OS connected watch system already makes it possible to measure a number of health and environmental data. In addition to the number of steps, the calories burned, the weather forecast or the time of sunset, Google has announced the arrival of new data for its watches: the UV index.

In a tweet shared last Thursday, Google indicates that connected watches based on its operating system will now be able to specify the UV index of the place where the user is located.

Stay safe while catching rays. ☀️

Your Weather app on #WearOSbyGoogle now includes the UV Index for your location.

— Wear OS by Google (@WearOSbyGoogle) April 8, 2021

A UV index directly integrated into the Weather application

This index will be present directly on some Wear OS watch faces, alongside the countdown and sunset time. It will also natively integrate the Weather application on Wear OS connected watches. Concretely, with the summer season approaching slowly but surely, this function will allow users to know how aggressive ultraviolet radiation can be for their skin and protect themselves accordingly.

As a reminder, the UV index can range from 0 to 11 depending on the weather conditions, time of day, season, altitude or point of the globe.

The integration of the UV index into the Wear OS Weather app has already started with the rollout of an update.


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