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Facebook wants to be even more insistent on iOS 14.5 to make you accept targeted ads.


Logo Facebook // Gamesdone : Pixabay

It is an understatement to say that Facebook is not a big fan of the new features added by Apple in iOS 14. The Apple brand has indeed added new rules to its system to better protect the privacy of its customers. customers when they use third-party applications. On the one hand, we can now not give permission to an application to track us, but we can also list exactly the use of our personal data by these services.

For the giants who rely on their business model on being able to follow you and sell you targeted ads, like Facebook and Google, it’s obviously a cold shower.

Facebook wants to scare users

We knew that Facebook and Instagram wanted to make you say yes to targeted ads, including saying that ads allow small businesses to survive to create guilt. The firm is going even further with the latest update of its applications on iOS.

And it begins. @Facebook / @Instagram explore additional scare tactics to combat @Apple iOS14 #TO privacy changes.

“Help keep Facebook free of charge”

— ashkan soltani (@ashk4n) April 30, 2021

The screen of both applications for iOS 14.5 will now indicate that accepting targeted ads keeps Facebook and Instagram completely free. We are almost in the order of blackmail now: “if you do not accept targeted advertising, Facebook and Instagram will become paying” we can understand by reading this message.

Ashkan Soltani aptly recalls on Twitter that Facebook posted until 2019 on its home page that “the service is free and always would be”. If the firm were to remove the free version from its social network, which obviously will not happen, it could be accused of false advertising by customers registered before 2019. It is hard to imagine starting to pay a subscription to access Facebook. The firm could continue to offer a free version, but create a paid subscription guaranteeing not to follow its users, like some press sites.


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