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This unlimited mobile plan at 4.99 euros / month is available with the Orange or SFR networks

With the Le complet package, Prixtel offers an adjustable mobile package, which starts at 4.99 euros for 5 GB of data. However, it can reach 50 GB if the need arises from time to time.

The complete package is unique in that it adapts to your data consumption every month. The subscriber to this package pays only for what he consumes. The Prixtel mobile plan evolves in three levels, each offering a data envelope of 5 to 50 GB. Better still, Prixtel leaves you the choice of network coverage between that of Orange or SFR.

Until October 20, the Prixtel complete package is on promotion thanks to a reduction of 5 euros. Thus, the 5 GB package is 4.99 euros.

The Complete: the 5 GB mobile plan at 4.99 euros

The complete mobile plan starts at the price of 4.99 euros per month for 5 GB for one year. A promotion valid for any new subscription before October 20. This plan is non-binding, which means you can leave it at any time. Being an adjustable package, it is possible to change the level to benefit from a larger data envelope:

  • Of 0 à 5 Go of data, the invoice is 4.99 euros per month ;
  • Of 5 à 15 Go of data, the invoice is 9.99 euros per month ;
  • Of 15 à 50 Go of data, the invoice is 14.99 euros per month.

Prixtel also offers unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France and Europe, even with the first level at 4.99 euros. Finally, when traveling in Europe, an envelope of 5 (for the first level) or 7.5 GB of data is available every month.

Giga Series: the 50 GB mobile plan at 9.99 euros

Large consumers of mobile data will quickly turn to la Giga Series of Prixtel. Indeed, thanks to its imposing data envelope which can reach 200 GB, this package will easily cash recurring connection shares, video streaming, or numerous content downloads. Without commitment, this mobile offer is also on sale until October 20. And this, on its three levels.

  • Of 0 à 50 Go of data, the invoice is 9.99 euros per month ;
  • Of 50 à 100 Go of data, the invoice is 14.99 euros per month ;
  • Of 100 à 200 Go of data, the invoice is 19.99 euros per month.

As with Le complet, unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France and Europe are included in the package. The mobile data envelope available in Europe has increased to 12 GB. Subscribers at the last level can take advantage of unlimited calls and SMS to the United States.

Orange or SFR network

Prixtel is a virtual operator or MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). This means that Prixtel benefits from Orange and SFR network infrastructures to deliver the best possible coverage to its subscribers. Where Prixtel stands out from other similar offers is that it leaves the choice of network to the user, who can opt for the best network coverage depending on their location. Prixtel also provides a tool that allows you to know which of these two network coverage is the best at a specific address, right from the subscription. This tool uses data from ARCEP, the French telecoms gendarme.

Better, this choice is not final. It is possible to change network coverage at any time by contacting customer service.

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