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This time around, the production of iPads and MacBooks would be delayed by the global shortage

After Samsung and Xiaomi, Apple could experience production delays for iPads and MacBook Pros. This is what we can read from indiscretions of the media Nikkei Asia.

Source : Daniel Romero / Unsplash

Gamesdone : Daniel Romero / Unsplash

It’s a whole series of episodes that it becomes difficult to describe in one sentence. The current situation is going to get worse, the warning announcements are on the rise, and many of you are getting impatient for your next game console or your new PC.

Samsung Electronics has warned of a “serious imbalance” in industry. The Galaxy Note 2021 would have been canceled according to the Korean manufacturer. More recently, Xiaomi explained that an increase in selling prices is to be expected to pass on the increase in the price of components essential to the manufacture of their products.

This global shortage affects many sectors, it is linked to a supply problem of various components. As explained earlier in the week, the pandemic has resulted in an industry downturn associated with strong demand from consumers stranded in their homes. It’s a miscalculation, in a way… the forecasts were based on that of an economic crisis, but the crisis we are going through is not an economic crisis like the ones we have experienced in recent years. .

This time around, it’s Apple that could be affected. We are not talking here about the release of the next iPhone, but the current production of MacBooks and iPads.

Delays and postponements

According to the Nikkei Asia article, MacBook production is slowing down due to the lack of some components needed before final assembly. IPad production is also affected due to the shortage of other display-related components.

In response to these delays, Apple postponed component orders for both devices until the second half of the year. MacBook and iPad production would therefore be directly affected, but iPhone production is not yet affected. Apple has to secure huge amounts of components, which is obviously accelerating the current shortage.

New Apple Silicon MacBook Pros and a new iPad Pro are expected. Will this new information delay planned announcements? It is still too early to tell. However, what is certain is that Apple has yet to make any new announcements this spring.

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