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this SUV with a solar roof is scheduled for 2024

The electric vehicle market is never short of ideas for always innovating, as shown today by Humble Motors, a Californian start-up which will equip one of its models with a solar roof.

Humble Motors One: an SUV with a solar roof

Humble Motors One: an SUV with a solar roof // Gamesdone: Humble Motors

Targeting a niche market with a starting price of $ 109,000, the Humble One SUV is not lacking in strengths. It will still be necessary to wait a few years before early bookers can enjoy their exclusive vehicle.

Charge up to 100 kilometers with the energy of the sun

The Humble Motors One has strengths on paper: more than 800 kilometers of autonomy announced, a power of 1,020 horsepower, which places it directly at the level of what is announced as being the most efficient today.

But what will really differentiate this vehicle from other market players is its ability to recover the equivalent of almost 100 kilometers of range per day, thanks to photovoltaic panels cleverly distributed on the roof, the doors, and even on fenders that unfold when the vehicle is parked.

A promising concept expected for 2024

The Humble Motors site now offers to reserve its Humble One SUV for a payment of $ 300, with an estimated delivery date of 2025. Production is scheduled for 2024, and it seems that many potential customers have cracked: Humble Motors has announced that it has collected more than $ 20 million in reservations, which would amount to around 70,000 units.

With a vehicle focused on the possibility of doing without a socket on a daily basis, Humble hopes to conquer an audience that has so far not passed the course of the electric car. If the majority of potential customers in this segment will probably not have the sum required to acquire the Humble One, the concept remains interesting nonetheless.

If on a daily basis, owners have the option of never plugging in their car, many city dwellers might consider an electric vehicle the next time they change their mount. But for this to democratize with an offer at more affordable prices, Humble will have to prove that its concept is viable. The start of a response will arrive in 2024 when production starts.

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