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this subscription at 25 euros per month allows you to download Cyberpunk 2077 in less than 10 minutes

If recent AAA games, such as Cyberpunk 2077, have taught us anything, it’s just how necessary a good internet connection has become. But if most fiber offers have a high price, RED provides a 1 Gb / s plan at 25 euros per month, with no price which doubles after one year.

The holiday season is just around the corner and it’s time for gifts at RED. Indeed, the operator improves his fiber package at 25 euros without you having to pay a dime more. Thus, any new subscription before December 14 will allow you to benefit from one month of free subscription. RED also drastically increases the speed of its fiber offering to 1 Gb / s by integrating the “Speed ​​Plus” option at no extra cost.

A plan that focuses on speed

Usually, the speed of RED’s fiber plan peaks at 300 Mb / s for download and upload. However, RED now offers the “Debit Plus” option for any new subscription before December 14th. This option significantly increases the speed, increasing it to 1 Gb / s for downloading and 500 Mb / s for sending. This is one of the highest speeds on the market, especially at this price. Especially since this option is valid for the duration of your subscription.

Thanks to this supplement, normally billed at 5 euros per month, activities requiring a good connection such as simultaneous downloads or updates ” day one Of the latest video games are no longer a problem. With this speed, it is possible to download the 60 GB of Cyberpunk 2077 in just over 8 minutes.

This fiber package also gives access to unlimited calls to landlines in France as well as to more than 100 different destinations. RED is also adding the mobile option free of charge which allows you to benefit from unlimited calls to mobiles in France.

A price that does not double

The RED fiber package remains one of the most affordable on the market. The operator invoices his offer without obligation 25 euros per month. A price which includes the rental of the Internet box. The real advantage is that this price doesn’t double after a year or two like most offers with such high throughput.

What’s more, one month’s subscription is offered for any new subscription before December 14th. A nice gift that allows you to reduce your annual bill by 25 euros. Finally, RED’s fiber offer is non-binding, which allows rapid termination during a move for example.

A fiber package with an optional TV box

One of the strengths of this no-obligation fiber plan is that it is fully modular. It is thus possible to add several options, such as 100 GB of storage in SFR Cloud, and this for only a few additional euros. Finally, these options are non-binding, which means that you can deactivate them at any time.

Often used to inflate subscribers’ bills by other operators, RED does not include the TV option by default. Of course, it is possible to enjoy a TV box as well as 35 channels, including the entire TNT package, for 2 euros additional per month (without the cost of renting the TV box). This service also includes access to replays (TF1, Arte, France Télévision, etc.), to the SFR VOD service, to the possibility of streaming TV to your tablet and mobile via the SFR TV app and of recording up to ” to 8 hours of TV programs in the cloud. The total of channels available can increase to 100 for an additional expense of 4 euros per month.

A simple package to subscribe

It is possible to test its eligibility for fiber or high speed ADSL from the operator’s site. All you need to do is indicate your postal address or your landline number. RED also takes care of all the administrative procedures. The operator amortizes up to 100 euros in termination costs and takes care of the line transfer in the event of a change of supplier. The transfer from one operator to another is always done without interrupting Internet services.

Then, the appointment with the technician is done quickly and the intervention takes place in compliance with barrier gestures. This brings the fiber box as well as the equipment necessary to connect the fiber.

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