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This NVMe SSD with speeds up to 5,000 MB / s is 32% off on Amazon

Are you still looking for more performance for your PC? So, why not start by installing the Sabrent Rocket NVMe PCIe 4.0 which offers speeds of up to 5,000 MB / s? This NVMe SSD is currently on sale at 169 euros instead of 249.

If console gamers are finally discovering the joys of SSD, on PC it’s quite common. They allow you to enjoy almost instant loading times thanks to NVMe technology. Imagine speeds of 5,000 MB / s! Actually no, don’t imagine. Live it by enjoying a nice reduction of – 32% on the 1TB Sabrent Rocket PCIe 4.0.

In short

  • PCIe 4.0 compatibility for a maximum throughput of 5,000 MB / s
  • Efficient and more energy efficient than an SSD
  • Simply ideal for gamers

Instead of 249 euros, the NVMe 1 TB Sabrent Rocket PCIe 4.0 SSD (in M.2 format) passes today at 169 euros on Amazon.

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You are surely already used to the concept of SSDs which have established themselves by their increased performance, improved data security and as a bonus lower power consumption than platter drives. An NVMe SSD goes even further. By taking the form of a RAM bar, it is grafted directly to a PCI Express port of your computer to cancel the intermediaries with the motherboard. More than directly improving performance, it also allows it to be compatible with all operating systems.

To put it simply, NVMe technology transfers 25 times more data than its SATA counterpart and sends commands twice as fast as AHCI drivers. The speeds of the 1 TB Sabrent Rocket SSD can then go up to 5,000 MB / s thanks to its PCI Express 4.0 compatibility when a classic SSD plugged into SATA III generally runs between 500 and 600 MB / s. If you only have PCIe 3.0 ports on your machine, the speeds will be blocked at 3500 MB / s. A differential which will be expressed by boosted performance for your PC, while still further reducing loading times.

There, Windows can actually boot in seconds and gamers will feel like they’ve stepped into a new dimension where the word “wait” becomes quite relative.

For further

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