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this new electric scooter claims 120 km of autonomy

The Austrian brand Horwin adds a new electric two-wheeler to its catalog: the Horwin EK1, a 50 equivalent with a maximum range of 120 kilometers, all at a price not exceeding 3,000 euros.

Horwin EK1

The Horwin EK1 electric scooter // Gamesdone: Horwin

Specializing in the design of electric scooters and motorcycles (and even scooters), the manufacturer Horwin is gradually expanding its offer. The one who showed daring and originality with his astonishing K1 found himself in our columns a year ago after introducing two motorcycles borrowing a Café Racer style.

Two battery sizes to choose from

Now the Austrian firm is back on the front of the stage with a new trendy scooter by the name of EK1, media report motorcycle and The car tester. This 50cc equivalent takes advantage of a 2.8 kW engine (about 4 horsepower) to climb to a maximum speed of 45 km / h.

In terms of autonomy, two sizes of batteries make up the offer: one to travel up to 70 kilometers, the other up to 120 kilometers. The machine has a cruise control, LED headlights, a compartment to store the helmet under the seat and even a reverse gear.

A French distributor on the program

Available in orange, blue, black and white, the Horwin EK1 will be launched in January 2021 at a price of 2,590 euros in its classic version, or 2,980 euros for the “Long range” variant. An EK1 Light version, limited to 25 km / h, should also be offered with a range of 80 or 140 kilometers.

In France, the company Tilgreen (based in Orvault in Loire-Atlantique) will oversee the distribution of the model, as we learn from official site from the manufacturer.

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