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This new connected watch provides the essentials for only 25 euros

Whether it’s for a gift, or just to try, the Mibro Air connected watch deserves our attention. Offered at only 25 euros, it performs all the essential tasks that one expects from a connected watch.

You surely do not know Mibro, but this Chinese company, which collaborates with Xiaomi, has just launched its first connected watch: the Mibro Air. The particularity of this watch is that it is offered at a minimum price of around 25 euros only. Of course, you have to make some concessions to get a watch at this price, but it still offers a very satisfying experience.

Nice design

The Mibro Air connected watch has the advantage of being rather discreet and elegant considering its price. The front is occupied by a 1.8 inch LCD touch screen with a definition of 240 by 240 pixels. This is sufficient for a pleasant rendering if you stand at a normal distance from the screen. The watch has three different watch faces, but it also lets you use one of your photos as wallpaper. What offer a unique look.

The Mibro Air is also a discreet and light watch. Its case is only 9.2 mm thick, with a diameter of 42 mm. It is therefore suitable for small wrists. Especially since the watch (bracelet included) weighs only 40 grams. Finally, the brushed metal case gives a nice look to this connected watch.

The features you expect from a connected watch

Despite its low price, the Mibro Air does what you would expect from a connected watch. Paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth, it is able to send you new notifications such as messages or incoming calls. You can also control the music played by Spotify.

The Mibro Air also has the necessary tools to monitor sports activity. Thanks to different sensors, it is able to measure heart rate and sleep monitoring. It is also able to accompany you for 12 sports activities, displaying heart rate, calories burned and time remaining in training. All data is then transmitted to the companion Mibro Fit app which helps you visualize it.

Finally, the Mibro Air also has a generous range. Count on about a week of endurance, with normal use of the watch. Charging is done using a magnetic cable delivered with the watch.

A connected watch for only 25 euros

Even if it is not the most complete nor the most premium, the Mibro Air has one important advantage: its price. Displayed at 25 euros only thanks to the code PROPHECIES, this connected watch is a good way to try this type of device without breaking the bank. It will also make a nice Christmas present thanks to its pleasant design.

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