Wednesday, December 1

this music is either a teaser or the biggest troll in history


Ahead of its conference on June 24, Microsoft continues to publish what seems to lead us to the presentation of Windows 11 Sun Valley.

At the end of June 2021, Microsoft will present the future of Windows that we know for the moment under the name Sun Valley. Earlier this month, the name Windows 11 became the big favorite to be the trade name of this new era at Microsoft. The most attentive have also started to discover several teasing elements pointing to this name and the most recent one is very particular.

A Slo-Fi remix of Windows startup sounds

The Windows YouTube channel published a strange new video on June 10. This is a Slo-Fi remix of the various startup sounds from Windows 95 to Windows 7. To make this video, the Microsoft teams slowed down these startup sounds 4000x.

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To discover the teaser, it is on the duration of the video that you have to look: 11 minutes exactly. It does not take more to Windows Central and several other specialized sites to make the connection: eleven minutes as in Windows 11 obviously. Yes, we like to play with the impatient at Microsoft. If we can pull this by the hair, the description of the video and its ending points to the June 24 conference. The company indeed describes its video as a way to wait and relax while waiting for the Windows Event.

An expected update

Microsoft seems to have a lot of ambitions in this update, of which we have finally seen little for the moment. Sun Valley should bring to Windows a redesign of its interface, but also a new more open Microsoft Store and a native integration of xCloud with the Xbox application.

See you on June 24 to see exactly what Microsoft’s promises will be and if the new system will be Windows 11.


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