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this mobile plan is the bargain of the moment


No need to wait until Black Friday next week to enjoy a full mobile plan at the best price. RED’s non-binding offer thus delivers 100 GB of data for only 15 euros per month, with no price that doubles after a year or two.

Rather than waiting for a specific period, RED sets up an advantageous price on its mobile plan without commitment all year round. Thus, its 100 GB offer is proposed at the price of 15 euros per month, against 20 euros usually. A promotion that is valid for any new subscription before November 23.

Better, the cost of this subscription will not double after one or two years. Finally, RED takes the opportunity to offer 100 GB of storage in the SFR Cloud for the duration of the subscription to this package.

What does the RED 100 GB mobile plan include?

What does the RED mobile plan offer?

RED’s mobile plan provides access to a colossal amount of mobile data. It thus delivers 100 GB of data in 4G each month in France. A data envelope that allows you to watch up to 155 hours of content on streaming platforms like Prime Video or Netflix, and this monthly.

RED’s 100GB plan also includes:

  • unlimited calls, SMS and MMS from France, overseas departments and the European Union;
  • 10 GB of data for use in Europe;
  • The possibility of using your mobile plan in connection sharing mode.

How much does RED’s mobile plan cost?

This type of package is often billed between 25 and 30 euros by the various operators. RED is changing the game by applying an accessible price since its mobile plan shows a rate of 15 euros per month. Another difference with traditional offers, the cost of the RED subscription will not double after a year or two.

Such a price is all the more surprising on a non-binding package. Indeed, it is possible to change operator at any time, without constraint. An offer that will easily appeal to students, whose budgets are often tight.

What are the RED mobile plan options?

The 100 GB plan of RED is fully customizable. Many options can be added for a few extra dollars each month. Options that are non-binding and can therefore be deactivated at any time. We thus find:

  • unlimited calls to landlines in Europe for 1 euro per month;
  • 15 GB of mobile data abroad (EU, Switzerland, Andorra, North America) for 5 euros per month;
  • the SFR TV service for 2 euros per month.

What’s more, RED offers 100 GB of storage in the SFR Cloud for free. An interesting solution to keep your photos, videos and documents without cluttering the memory of your smartphone, while having the possibility of accessing them from any device connected to the Internet. For comparison, a subscription to a 100 GB cloud service costs approximately 2 euros per month. Here, these 100 GB of cloud storage are valid as long as you keep your mobile plan at 15 euros, and at no additional cost.

We invite you to play with the various options to give you an opinion on the RED offer and create a mobile plan that suits you perfectly.

Why choose the RED mobile plan?

RED uses one of the best 4G networks in the industry, that of SFR, to provide mobile data to its subscribers. This covers 99% of the French population and delivers a maximum speed of 500 Mbit / s. RED by SFR has a 4G mobile network which covers 99% of the French population.

Can we change operator during confinement?

No need to worry, it is always possible to change mobile plans during confinement. RED maintains its home deliveries, while respecting barrier gestures. The new SIM card will be delivered to the mailbox without any contact.

From the subscription, RED supports you in all the steps, in order to help you configure the non-binding plan that best suits you. In particular, it is possible to keep your old number. To do this, all you need to do is provide your RIO code, obtained by dialing 31 79 from your current line.

When ordering, a first and unique payment of 10 euros will be requested to cover the cost of the new SIM card. The delivery thereof does not exceed one week. For its part, RED is responsible for terminating your old offer and activating your new line. An operation carried out without any interruption of your mobile services.


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