Wednesday, April 14

This Leica prototype was created by Jony Ive and you can buy it

For around 250,000 euros, you can try to treat yourself to a little treat: a Leica M designed by Jony Ive and Marc Newson. Two of the most famous designers.

Jony Ive is the ex-star designer of Apple. He arrived in 1996 in Cupertino and marked several key years of Apple as head of design. Among his achievements, there is the iPad, iPhone, iPod, MacBook Air, Mac Mini… In short, a great slew of Apple products.

Unique and special

He also worked on other projects like a fairly unique Leica M camera designed in collaboration with Marc Newson. This product was created for the Product (RED) charity brand. This Leica M was designed in aluminum with an Apo-Summicron ASPH lens. It’s a camera that was in a lot of 40 items auctioned for over $ 26 million in 2013. You could find 18k rose gold EarPods, a Range Rover or even a Steinway & Sons piano.

If you had missed the auction of the time, know that this Leica M can be bought for 100,000 euros … for an estimated value of 250,000 euros.

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