Saturday, June 19

this is why SEAT is launching its own mobility app

The end of the restrictions finally signals the return of weekends to green. Which is good, because the car manufacturer SEAT is preparing to launch a mobile application for smartphones in the coming days. Its developers are looking for motivated beta testers to help them improve the app. Amazon vouchers will then be offered to those who have contributed to its improvement.

The Spanish brand SEAT is well known for its automobiles. It has recently diversified by putting a foot in urban mobility, in particular with the marketing of electric scooters, electric scooters and electric city cars.

SEAT now wants to go further by offering an application entirely dedicated to mobility, whether urban, rural or halfway between the two. This navigation application under development takes into account many modes of travel: from public transport to the car, including the bicycle, the scooter, and of course his good old legs.

SEAT’s job is to enable its customers to get around better. In 2021, offering a mobile application open to all is therefore perfectly logical. This has been under development for a few weeks and with the end of movement restrictions it is finally possible to experience it, by putting it in the hands of users. This is what explains why SEAT calls on the Frandroid community to help it improve its application.

What does the SEAT application consist of?

The SEAT Mobility App is a navigation app. The interface is simple and familiar: it takes the form of a map, with the possibility of entering your favorite addresses or a destination. By launching the search, this application offers several routes: routes made with personal vehicles (automobile, bicycle, scooter or scooter), by public transport or by combining the two.

Routes are offered according to your modes of travel. If you don’t have a bike, for example, a bike route will never be offered. The application also allows you to limit the journey time by mode of transport. For example, on a city trip, if you don’t want to walk for more than 20 minutes, you can indicate this directly in the application, which will take it into account when generating a route.

How to help SEAT to improve its mobility application?

Simply by installing the application on your smartphone (whether Android or iOS), and sending your feedback to the developers of the application. Here are some types of expected returns:

  • Feedback on the quality and relevance of the routes offered by the application (is it the right route, are the means of transport suitable?)
  • Report any bugs (functionality that does not work or does not work, button missing)
  • Improvement proposal (functionality or interface)
  • Unexpected behavior of the application when traveling

As a mobility application requires, SEAT wants testers to come from all walks of life: large cities, but also suburbs and rural regions. For SEAT, it is important that its app works everywhere, including areas with little public transport coverage.

How to help and participate in the beta test?

To participate in this closed beta test, nothing could be simpler, just register by filling out this form. If your profile is selected, you will then be contacted in order to download and install the application on your smartphone.

SEAT needs several dozen testers. For each of the selected testers, a voucher on Amazon worth 30 euros is offered to them once the beta test phase is over.

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