Wednesday, October 20

This is the successor console to the Game Boy Advance that was never released


Was Nintendo developing a new Game Boy Advance after the launch of the DS? A recent leak seems to indicate that it was. We tell you the details. Game Boy Advance has starred in a new leak related to Nintendo. Apparently this revelation has focused on a supposed Game Boy Advance model that would have been released at the same time as the Nintendo DS. The generational change of notebooks could have been less pronounced with the newly discovered prototype. The launch of Dual Screen and its subsequent success would have frustrated the premiere of this console that aimed to be the link between GBA and the touch console. User WaluigiBSOD reported on IRIS, a canceled successor to SP that was never seen, but would have been in Nintendo’s plans. The leaker provided several files and documents that would confirm this finding, there are even instruction manuals in Japanese. Sign up for Disney + and enjoy one of the largest catalogs in the streaming scene, with sagas like Star Wars or Marvel. As the information pointed out, the console would only have presented minor changes, something that could be the trigger for it never being developed and released for sale. It would be very similar to the Game Boy Advance SP that we all know but with DS hardware. The decision not to launch this console seems quite logical, since, despite the fact that Nintendo tried to make the Game Boy Advance SP and Nintendo DS coexist in the same ecosystem, the latter ended up monopolizing the entire market. A new Game Boy wouldn’t have been very successful. In today’s #NintendoLeak there is also stuff for IRIS, a canceled Game Boy Advance SP successor.There is also a manual in Japanese for it (irisSDK man ja_JP ) and it looks like an enhanced Game Boy Advance (primordial Nintendo DS) .Some excerpts from the internal documents: – WaluigiBSOD (@WaluigiBSOD) September 30, 2020 And speaking of the improved version of Game Boy Advance, yesterday we were talking about the acquisition of a supposed prototype of SP that could become a unique and collector’s item and that it had been bought for a price that no one expected. This article was published in Hobby Consolas by David Rodríguez.


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