Tuesday, October 27

This interactive globe allows you to know the history of the Earth and the first cities

A Californian paleontologist has created an interactive map with which you can learn about some aspects of the planet’s history. Ian Webster is a paleontologist from California who has created an interactive map difficult to imagine for those who more than a decade ago had vast encyclopedias installed on their computers. With a simple button you can check many details about the history of the planet and how it has changed. In the journey of more than 750 million years you can see the processes through which the planet has passed, both natural and those that man has promoted throughout its history. That is, from discovering where the first forests arose to verifying the birth of cities, the disappearance of some and how they have been modified over the centuries. To create it, he used software called GPlates, which is common in geological studies to simulate reconstructions and changes caused by time, according to CNN. Through all the historical tour that can be seen, Webster affirms that the “history of the Earth is longer than we can conceive, and the current arrangement of the tectonic plates and the continents is an accident of time. It will be very different in the future, and the Earth can outlive us all. ” This rotating 3D globe is very easy to handle. In the upper left tab you can write the name of any city that interests you and in the right one select a landmark or temporary event. We assure you that if you try it once, the most normal thing is that you spend a while checking how the planet has changed. If you want to access the free interactive map, you can do so through this link: Ancient Earth globe. According to Webster himself: “It is destined to arouse fascination and, hopefully, respect for the scientists who work every day to better understand our world and its past.”


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