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this inexpensive pen graphics tablet is ideal for students


The One by Wacom pen tablet has two major advantages that differentiate it from classic graphics tablets: a low price and above all a “Works with Chromebook” certification. An unprecedented compatibility which makes it an asset of choice for those who want to take notes in a natural way or draw on a computer more easily.

Its technical sheet does not lie: the One by Wacom is a graphic pen tablet that will appeal to the school and student world above all. Not that it is less efficient than its direct competitors. It simply has many advantages that are rarely found in such affordable products. It is extremely easy to use, it benefits from an ergonomic and responsive stylus, and above all, it is the first on the market to be compatible with Chromebooks (while being compatible with Windows and macOS).

Not to mention a low price, since the One by Wacom is offered at 59.90 euros in its medium version.

A pen tablet as complete as it is compact

Where its interactive pen displays are primarily aimed at image professionals, Wacom is also reaching out to students, teachers and hobbyist designers with the One by Wacom. Don’t be fooled by its compact dimensions, this pen tablet has it all.

While it measures 27.7 x 18.9 x 0.8 cm thick in its medium version, the active surface of the One by Wacom is 8.5 x 13.5 cm, which ensures an area of pleasant drawing, both for simple note taking and for drawing more precisely. As for transport, it is comfortable since the One by Wacom weighs only 447 grams and fits very easily in a bag.

Finally, its stylus supports up to 2048 pressure levels. It is therefore precise and ensures a clear and faithful line. The user has no difficulty in enjoying a natural way of writing, drawing or editing content from the One by Wacom. Better still, this stylus is battery-free, which saves you the loss of precious minutes when recharging. Of course, the stylus must be used with the graphics tablet in order to work with Chrome OS.

Finally a stylus tablet compatible with Chromebooks

More than its great ergonomics, the real advantage of the One by Wacom is its “Works with Chromebook” certification. It is thus the first pen tablet to be able to work together with ChromeOS, as long as it has the latest version of the operating system. Wacom’s choice to partner with Google is not without meaning: the One by Wacom and Chromebooks share this idea of ​​“plug & play”.

While a laptop running ChromeOS will only take a few seconds to boot, the One by Wacom pen tablet is immediately ready for use once plugged into USB-C (some Chromebooks will require a USB-C adapter). Especially since thanks to the “Works with Chromebook” certification, no driver is to be downloaded during the first connection (except if you are using the tablet on macOS or Windows). No need to waste time in the menus to adjust the tablet either.

The “ready to use” side of One by Wacom is of particular interest to students or teachers, since it allows you to get to work quickly. Plugging in the tablet to take notes or munch on a presentation document only takes a few seconds.

A very affordable pen tablet

While entry-level stylus graphics tablets fetch a price that can fluctuate between 70 and 80 euros, the One by Wacom displays an affordable price since it is sold 59.90 euros at Fnac.

This pen tablet is certified to meet Google compatibility standards. Google is not responsible for the operation of this product, nor for its compliance with security standards, this responsibility rests with Wacom. Finally, as you might have guessed, Chromebook and the “Works With Chromebook” badge are trademarks of Google LLC.


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