Sunday, October 25

This huge Samsung screen is capable of creating 3D visual effects with the naked eye

The possibilities offered by Samsung’s SMART Signage displays have caught everyone’s attention: see in this video how it is able to create 3D visual effects with the naked eye. Imagine that you are walking calmly down a street and you see how a flying saucer leaves the facade of a building. That is precisely what people who were walking down a central street in the Chinese city of Chengdu have been able to observe. So that we can admire this amazing effect on the other side of the world, the popular leaker Ice Universe has shared a short video on his Twitter account showing the arrival and deployment sequence of the ship. You can see the video in this link. As you can see, the building has a curved screen that covers the upper part of the façade, which allows it to create 3D visual effects with great realism for viewers who have a total view of the panel. You may have seen a screen like this before. These are Samsung’s SMART Signage LED signage panels, which gained a lot of popularity last May when a video appeared showing a giant wave in 3D. Samsung’s SMART Signage is a powerful business and retail LED signage solution that, as we have seen, can have a huge impact on viewers. With the aim of creating creative and artistic content for this type of panel, the South Korean company announced a few weeks ago its association with d’strict, the design studio that created giant 3D wave animation. “This partnership brings to life the many opportunities that Samsung’s SMART Signage offers, beyond simply displaying information, and also enables companies to consider the possibilities of using these displays as a multimedia art platform,” said Hyesung. Ha, Senior Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. Under this agreement, d’strict will create pieces for potential SMART Signage clients, and these projects will be seen in landmarks around the world, such as Times Square in New York.

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