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This futuristic electric scooter is 3D printed and offers 112 km of autonomy


An American brand by the name of Scotsman has embarked on the deep end of electric scooters through a 3D printed model, tailor-made, technological and very expensive.


Gamesdone : Scotsman

If Scotsman is probably not the most famous brand in the world of electric scooters, its latest crowdfunding campaign has the merit of attracting attention. And investors, more than that: more than 150 people decided to get their hands on the wallet 24 hours after the launch of the project on Indiegogo.

At the time of writing (May 27, 2021), more than 237,000 euros have already been collected. But what curse has touched the hundreds of donors? Simply an electric scooter. But this model has several advantages up its sleeve that sets it apart from the others, both in terms of its design, its conception and its technologies.

Custom-made and 3D printed

The Scotsman relies on an atypical production method: 3D printing, from composite carbon fiber. The frame, grips, stem and deck are all made with this method and material. “Each frame is custom made to suit the size, weight, limb length and riding posture of its owner», We can read.

Second highlight: its design. Difficult to do more polished, futuristic and refined. This Scotsman could even be akin to the Tesla of electric scooters. Still weighing an average of 18 kilos (it depends on its height depending on your size), the frame is available in three models: the Scotsman 500, Scotsman 1000 and Scotsman 2000.

Be careful though: this trio does not respect French legislation in terms of maximum speed. The first named spins at a pace of 30 km / h, or 5 km / h above the legal threshold. The other two climb to 50 and 73 km / h, respectively. The Indiegogo page shows deliveries all over the world, but you still have to adapt to local laws.

A price that stings

So let’s continue with the Scotsman 500, which comes closest to French standards. This model, like its two accomplices, is equipped with a beautiful technical and technological paraphernalia which tries to justify its price of 2,999 dollars (2,249 dollars with the introductory offer).

Here are the main elements to remember: regenerative braking system, suspension, double battery (500 Wh in total) for a very good range of 112 kilometers, removable battery, LCD screen, integrated GPS, front camera for record your trip, Bluetooth, Eco and Sport mode.

Colors and delivery date

Connected, the scooter is able to be geolocated via a mobile application, the stable version of which will normally be deployed in November. Also, the removable battery is capable of recharging electronic devices in return. This can be useful in an emergency if there is no outlet nearby.

The Scotsman electric scooter is finally available in five colors: Cardinal Metal, Royal Ultraviolet, Buckinghamshire Green, Ultramarine Blue, Matte Black. Deliveries will take place in December 2021, if the specifications of the company from Silicon Valley are correctly known.

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