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this excellent robot vacuum cleaner is at the best price on Amazon


They’re still expensive, but iRobot-branded robot vacuums can be a great investment so you don’t have to worry about vacuuming at home. Its star model, the Roomba 971, is currently on sale at its lowest price, going from 499 to 369 euros on Amazon.

Ever more democratized, robot vacuum cleaners are also increasingly accessible. This is the case of Roomba of the iRobot brand which flood the market with a large number of devices that can meet all types of users. One of its flagship models, the Roomba 971, is also available at its lowest price found on Amazon thanks to an immediate reduction of 130 euros.

The Roomba 971 at a glance

  • The many suction functions
  • An efficient mapping system
  • An autonomy of 75 minutes + auto recharge

With a starting price of 499 euros, the iRobot Roomba 971 is available today on sale at 369 euros on Amazon. This represents its lowest price found on the merchant site.

Price history for the iRobot Roomba 971 on Amazon

Price history for the iRobot Roomba 971 on Amazon // Gamesdone: Keepa.

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The Roomba 900 series is far from unworthy with its many features and its much higher power level than the 600 series, an important element when it comes to this type of device.

One of the big additions of this model is the smart mapping system in your house or apartment. It can therefore define its own cleaning route without returning to the same places and thus optimize its cycle. On the suction side, it has two anti-tangling rubber brushes that can pick up dirt on any surface, be it hard floors or even carpet. In addition, the system called Dirt Detect allows the vacuum cleaner to amplify the cleaning on areas it considers critical. It is also necessary to rely on a whole system of sensors to effectively avoid obstacles.

Thanks to the native integration of Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, it is possible to control the vacuum cleaner by voice to start a cycle or simply stop it. If you are not yet ready to give orders to a robot, you can simply go through the iRobot Home app to pilot the device, take a look at the battery level and see the complete mapping set by the device.

iRobot announces up to 75 minutes of autonomy for this Roomba 971, that is to say the time necessary to carry out a complete cleaning of an apartment of 50 m2. The vacuum cleaner will return to its charging station on its own and then finish its task where it left off.

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