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This Crucial 500 GB NVMe SSD is the best value for money right now


The prices of NVMe SSDs are becoming more and more attractive. Today, the Crucial brand offers the best deal with its 500 GB internal M.2 SSD at only 47.99 euros, its lowest price found on Amazon.

Champion in the SSD world alongside Samsung, the Crucial brand is also one of the best students when it comes to NVMe SSDs. Its 500 GB P2 model is now available with a 22% reduction on its initial price.

Crucial P2 NVMe SSD at a glance

  • Up to 2.5 GB / s read rate
  • Excellent value
  • 5 year warranty

Usually at 61.19 euros, the 500 GB version of the NVMe Crucial P2 SSD is available today on sale for only 47.99 euros on Amazon.

Learn more about the Crucial P2 NVMe SSD 👇

As part of a change of components of your antiquated PC, the choice of an NVMe SSD is now almost an imperative. These SSDs have much higher read and write transfer speeds than conventional SATA SSDs. Crucial is a brand that has cut its teeth in this type of storage and its SSDs are excellent value for money and therefore a great way to give your machine a boost on the cheap.

In terms of transfer speeds, Crucial’s NVMe SSD is based on a SATA hardware interface, so it is not as fast as its PCIe-based counterparts. However, Crucial has still made sure to be well above the rates offered by conventional SATA SSDs since the P2 reaches up to 2,500 MB / s in sequential read and up to 979 MB / s in write. . These speeds allow it to be very efficient on the vast majority of programs supporting these transfer speeds and also on all the games which will see their loads much smaller.

And as that was not enough, Crucial offers 5 years of warranty on all of its storage products, enough to be reassured if the SSD should ever fail you.

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