Thursday, February 25

this connected office thinks of your well-being

The start-up NextErgo has unveiled a connected desk that rises or falls to adapt to your working position and correct it if necessary. And for that, it embeds a dose of artificial intelligence to scrutinize your bad habits and adjust them in order to work in the best possible conditions.

A standing desk that automatically adjusts and corrects your posture

A standing desk that automatically adjusts to and corrects your posture // Gamesdone: NextErgo

With teleworking, a sedentary lifestyle has never been so strong for workers confined to their home offices. A situation pre-existing to the pandemic or to any form of confinement and which had already triggered the start of reflection within companies: how to offer different working positions to its employees so that they are more comfortable and think about modifying their postures to their well-being?

So the start-up NextErgo took the problem head on and set out to design a “standing” desk, able to go up or down depending on whether you want to work sitting or standing. So far, nothing very original, since the idea has been around for many years and is gradually taking root in offices. But where the newcomer innovates is by adding a touch of modernity.

AI tells you if you’re holding on or not

So here is NextErgo AI Smart Standing Desk. A name that already says a lot about the promise: a smart standing desk boosted with artificial intelligence that wants to offer “a smarter working environment with extraordinary features“. And to keep its promises, this office will propose to correct your posture, detect your presence, your hands and your uses to improve your well-being at work.

What about AI in all of this? It will rely on the presence detection sensors on board the office to optimize everything. NextErgo also has ergonomic posture-perfecting technology to adapt the height of the desk to your body type and the way you work. You run your hand over the detector and it will know whether you are seated or not, whether you are better off sitting or standing, whether you also need to breathe or take a break.

All of this information will be communicated through an 8 inch touch screen that is provided. You will be able to know if your position is good or how to correct it with advice displayed on the screen. NextErgo can also set permanent goals (reminder to take a break, drink or eat, move your body for the sake of your back, make movements, etc.).

Everything is planned for the good of your body, your hands, your neck or your shoulders which tend to be strongly impacted by a bad position. And to remedy all this, the AI ​​can even come up with detailed step-by-step yoga exercises. A usage report shows you your progress.

The well-being of your body has a price

The NextErgo Solutions screen works like a connected docking station running Android with even Google Assistant to answer your voice commands or give you the latest information. A remote control is also available to move up or down the desk as you wish if you don’t rely on the height calculator built into the AI.

NextErgo obviously suggests benefits for your health, some known, others to be verified: reduced pain in the back, neck and wrist; stress reduction; weightloss ; improved productivity; easy work …

Having healthier work habits comes at a cost, however. This desk connected by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth that wants to turn your life upside down starts at 1399 euros (without the tray) with the touch screen and all its on-board functions, reaching 1699 euros with the table top in the color of your choice . All products are for the moment in pre-order on Kickstarter with a strong discount as a bonus. But still the uncertainty of whether the product will see the light of day.

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