Monday, April 12

This Cdiscount Mobile 200 GB mobile plan is now at 9.99 euros for 12 months

Cdiscount Mobile returns with one of the most interesting mobile offers on the market. Indeed, the operator draws a 200 GB package without commitment at 9.99 euros per month for the first year.

If the price war in which the various operators are engaged seems interminable, certain actions are more decisive than others. This is particularly the case of Cdiscount Mobile which increases the price of its 200 GB mobile plan below 10 euros monthly for the first 12 months (before going down to € 24.99 / month). A more than interesting price for a mobile offer without commitment.

What does the Cdiscount Mobile plan offer?

The main argument of Cdiscount Mobile’s mobile plan is its data envelope. This is colossal with a total of 200 GB allocated each month. Concretely, this allows you to watch nearly 310 hours of streaming content on Netflix or Amazon Prime, or listen to over 2,500 hours of music on Spotify or Apple Music.

Cdiscount Mobile’s mobile plan also includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in mainland France as well as from the EU and overseas departments. What’s more, it allows the use of up to 5 GB of 4G data from the EU and the overseas departments.

Cdiscount Mobile is a virtual operator which relies on the NRJ Mobile network, and by extension that of Bouygues Telecom. This allows Cdiscount Mobile to provide good network coverage as well as excellent speed.

A very accessible and no-obligation package

The other strength of the Cdiscount Mobile 200 GB plan is its price. The subscription costs 9.99 euros per month the first 12 months. It’s simple, there is currently no better for this price. After this period, the price of the mobile plan climbs to 24.99 euros per month.

Another advantage of this 200 GB mobile offer: it is non-binding. This allows you to have greater flexibility in managing your subscription.

Cdiscount Mobile’s 30 GB mobile plan is also on promotion. Indeed, it displays a monthly invoice of 2.99 euros for 6 months, before going to 12.99 euros.

A quick and easy subscription

It is possible to keep your old number when subscribing, by providing your RIO identifier which you can obtain by dialing 31 79. Of course, Cdiscount Mobile can also provide you with a new number if you wish. In any case, the operator takes care of all the formalities concerning the line transfer. The change to the new operator and the activation of the card are done without interruption of services.

On the first invoice, it will take an additional 10 euros to cover the cost of the new SIM card. This will be delivered within 48 hours.

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