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This 65 W dual USB-C charger is very practical in addition to being on sale

With its two USB-C ports, this Aukey Omnia charger has a lot to make your life easier. And this, while preserving your savings since it is currently less than 30 euros.

If you are looking for a fast charger, the Aukey Omnia is the place to be. This 65W adapter has two USB-C sockets to allow simultaneous charging of two devices. And as if that were not enough, it is now enjoying a price drop thanks to an Amazon promo code.

The Aukey Omnia charger at a glance

  • The two USB-C ports;
  • Power up to 65 W;
  • The compact format.

Instead of 40 euros, the Aukey Omnia 65 W charger goes to only 27 euros on Amazon thanks to the promo code 7UAAIO8T. Remember to indicate it when ordering.

To find out more about the Aukey Omnia

Not content with being a powerful charger, the Aukey Omnia benefits from an incredibly compact size. It is also one of the smallest Power Delivery chargers, with a power that goes up to 65 W for the first USB-C port when used alone.

It won’t have any problem powering a MacBook Pro or Dell XPS 13 as efficiently as a regular charger. Its Dynamic Detect feature modulates power to 45W and 20W per port when two devices are connected.

It is capable of quickly recharging many references of smartphones and tablets equipped with a PD-compatible USB-C port, such as the iPad Pro, iPhone 12, Samsung Galaxy (from S8 to S21 +), Galaxy Tabs from S6, as well as Nintendo Switch.

UL certification helps protect the charger against overcharging, overheating or over voltage. The Aukey Omnia charger comes with a two-year warranty.

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