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this 5G no-commitment mobile plan has a colossal data envelope

The long-awaited deployment of 5G in France has started. And for the occasion, RED is putting the small dishes in the big ones by drawing a 5G mobile plan of 130 GB. A colossal data envelope to make the most of this new network.

After months of waiting, 5G is finally settling its suitcases in France. If smartphones compatible with this new network standard are multiplying, mobile plans are arriving, little by little. Fortunately, RED is among the first on the bridge since it now offers a 5G offer of 130 GB. And not content with offering one of the most complete packages in this new market, the operator gives it a low rate of 25 euros, without a price that doubles after a year or two. This is one of the cheapest rates that can be found right now in the wave of new 5G plans announced in recent weeks.

A mobile rate plan worthy of fiber

As always, RED’s mobile plans focus on two points: the data envelope and speed. The operator’s new 5G offer is no exception to the rule. Thus, RED’s 5G plan has 130 GB of data every month. A massive amount of data that makes it possible to stream over 200 hours of content on Netflix or OCS or to download Cyberpunk 2077 twice.

Better still, this package takes advantage of RED’s brand new 5G network. A rapidly expanding network that already covers 120 municipalities, including Bordeaux, Nantes, Paris and even Montpellier. The main advantage of 5G is undoubtedly its speed, which has nothing to envy that of a fiber plan. Indeed, RED’s 5G offer provides a speed that can peak at 1 Gb / s, which is double the speed of a 4G plan, and even higher than that of certain fiber plans.

Such a speed makes it possible, for example, to download an HD movie in just a few seconds, compared to several minutes for a 4G plan or to download applications as if you were connected to a WiFi connection in fiber. The latency becomes tiny, on the order of a millisecond, allowing for smooth and uninterrupted web browsing.

A new network for a still affordable price

This 5G RED package doesn’t just provide a massive 130 GB data envelope. Every month, users have access to:

  • unlimited calls, SMS and MMS from France, overseas departments and the European Union;
  • 13 GB of data for use in Europe;
  • the possibility of using their mobile plan in connection sharing mode.

RED’s 5G package also stands out with its price. Indeed, for any subscription before December 21, this 130 GB mobile offer is billed 25 euros per month, against 30 euros usually. Better, this price will not return to 30 euros once the promotion period has passed, and will not double after one or two years like the classic offers.

RED’s 5G plan is non-binding, which means you can change operator at any time and without any constraints. A welcome freedom for students on a tight budget.

A package with many options

As with its 4G plans, RED offers great customization of its 5G mobile offer. Many options can be added for a few extra dollars each month. They are non-binding, which means that they can be deactivated at any time.

Options such as:

  • unlimited calls to landlines in Europe for 1 euro per month;
  • 1 TB of storage in the SFR Cloud for 5 euros per month;
  • the SFR TV service for 2 euros per month.

We invite you to play with the various options to give you an opinion on the RED offer and create a mobile plan that suits you perfectly.

An offer still so easy to subscribe

RED supports you in all the steps during the subscription, to help you configure the non-binding plan that best suits you. In particular, it is possible to keep your old number. To do this, all you need to do is provide your RIO code, obtained by dialing 31 79 from your current line.

When ordering, a first and unique payment of 10 euros will be requested to cover the cost of the new SIM card. The delivery thereof does not exceed one week. For its part, RED is responsible for terminating your old offer and activating your new line. An operation carried out without any interruption of your mobile services.

Which smartphones for a 5G RED plan?

To be able to take full advantage of your 5G mobile plan, you must still use a smartphone compatible with this new network standard. Once again, RED has the solution. The operator offers a large selection of phones supporting 5G on his online store. Better, for Christmas, RED sets up a series of reimbursement offers whose amount can reach 100 euros depending on the device chosen. We find jumbled together:

  • The Google Pixel 5 at 529 euros instead of 629 euros (100 euros from ODR);
  • The iPhone 12 Mini at 679 euros instead of 779 euros (100 euros from ODR);
  • The Xiaomi Mi 10T at 429 euros instead of 479 euros (50 euros from ODR);
  • The Samsung Galaxy A51 5G at 369 euros instead of 419 euross (50 euros d’ODR).

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