Tuesday, May 18

This 50 GB package takes advantage of the excellent Bouygues Telecom network without exploding the bill

If the spring is marked by the return of the buds on the flora, it is also that of the good deals in terms of mobile plan without engagement. On this side, Cdiscount Mobile hits hard with a 50 GB offer without commitment. With a significant advantage: its price, very low, does not double after a year.

Cdiscount Mobile is launching a new non-binding offer that keeps the price low, even after a year. Indeed, this mobile plan gives access to 50 GB of data per month for 10 euros, even after a year. An extremely simple package which also benefits from the very good Bouygues Telecom network.

To better understand the Cdiscount Mobile 50 Go plan

What does the new Cdiscount Mobile plan include?

Cdiscount’s mobile plan focuses on the essentials, namely a good data envelope. This is why it offers 50 GB of mobile data in 4G each month. With such a large amount of data, it’s easy to fully enjoy your favorite streaming content from your smartphone without using up your plan in 3 days. Likewise, the Cdiscount Mobile plan is a good solution for connection sharing in the event of a problem with its fixed Internet.

Like any mobile plan worthy of the name, it also includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in mainland France as well as from the EU and overseas departments. Finally, an envelope of 5 GB of data in 4G from the EU and the overseas departments is available.

Which network for the new Cdiscount Mobile plan?

Cdiscount Mobile is a virtual operator (or MVNO). This type of operator does not have a physical network infrastructure, and therefore relies on the mobile networks of other operators.

This is why Cdiscount Mobile uses the Bouygues Telecom network which covers no less than 99% of the French population.

How much does the new Cdiscount Mobile plan cost?

Being a virtual operator allows Cdiscount Mobile to benefit from an excellent telephone network while maintaining a very low price on its packages.

The Cidscount Mobile 50 GB plan therefore displays a price of 10 euros per month. In addition, the Cdiscount Mobile plan does not see its price double after a year.

What’s more, this package is non-binding, which gives you great freedom in managing your subscription.

How to subscribe to the new Cdiscount Mobile plan?

To subscribe to the 50 GB Cdiscount Mobile no-obligation plan, just go to the operator’s website. You also have the option of keeping your old number. You must provide your RIO code, obtained by dialing 31 79 from your current smartphone.

Of course, Cdiscount Mobile can also provide you with a new number if you wish. Anyway, on the first invoice, it will take an additional 10 euros to cover the cost of the new triple-cut SIM card. This will be delivered within 48 hours. The change to the new operator and the activation of the card are done without interruption of services.

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