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This 4 TB SSD from SanDisk benefits from an unprecedented price of 348 euros

The popularity of the SanDisk brand in storage tools is well established. The SSDs of the Ultra range are among the very good solutions that exist on the market. Its 4 TB model also benefits from an unprecedented price on Amazon, which drops it from 500 to 348 euros.

SSDs are known to be faster and stronger than traditional external hard drives. In this area, the Ultra range from SanDisk shows good performance, and we have no trouble recommending it in our lines. Moreover, its model with 4 TB is currently on sale on Amazon, who has never displayed it at such a price

In short

  • 4 TB capacity
  • 560MB / s read, 530MB / s write
  • A solid and efficient SSD

Previously displayed at 500 euros, the SanDisk Ultra 4 TB SSD is currently available at 348 euros on Amazon.

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Faster and more robust than a conventional hard drive, SSDs are an ideal solution if you are looking to upgrade your PC by changing its HDD. This SanDisk Ultra SSD weighs only 53 grams and has a 2.5 inch format, which makes it compatible with the majority of computer interfaces.

It provides speeds of 560MB / s read and 530MB / s write, which will greatly facilitate fast file transfers while promising fast software and game launches. Add to that the huge storage capacity of 4TB available to you.

With no moving parts, the SanDisk Ultra is stronger and will withstand more impact even if dropped accidentally. Your data will not fear anything. The SanDisk Ultra also comes with technology that gives it more endurance with lower power consumption. It also has the advantage of not overheating and remaining silent.

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