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This 100 GB B & You mobile plan costs only 14.99 euros, and without commitment

Bouygues Telecom has just launched a new B & You mobile plan. This non-binding offer gives access to an envelope of 100 GB of data for 14.99 euros per month. This is one of the most interesting offers at the moment.

How do you define what a good mobile plan is? The quality-price ratio must be taken into account, but also the network coverage or the simplicity of the offer. Three elements that the new B & You package takes into account with its offer of 100 GB at 14.99 euros. The advantage is that the package takes advantage of the Bouygues Telecom network, and with a price that does not increase after a year.

A 100 GB mobile plan at 14.99 euros

The new mobile plan from B & You is extremely easy to understand. Its price is not subject to fluctuation, the offer is without obligation and without superfluous options. This is what allows you to change your mobile plan without having to pay cancellation fees. Posted at 14.99 euros per month, the B & You package includes most of what you expect from a good offer, namely:

  • 100 GB of data
  • Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS from France and Europe
  • 12 GB of mobile data for use in Europe

Such a large amount of data available each month is sufficient for the vast majority of users. In the second quarter of 2020, ARCEP reported that the average data consumption was 10.2 GB per month in France. With a 100 GB envelope, you are much more comfortable when it comes to sharing your Internet connection or watching streaming content.

To take it a step further, B & You offers a large number of options, most of which are free for the first month. Among these are:

  • the possibility of having a second phone number against 3 € / month
  • Unlimited internet during weekends for 8 € / month
  • a Norton cybersecurity solution to secure up to 5 devices for 5 € / month
The options offered for the B & You package

The options offered for the B & You package

One of the best network coverage

Having a large amount of data in your mobile plan is appreciable, you still have to be able to use it from anywhere. Still according to data from ARCEP, we learn that 86% of the population is very well covered by the Bouygues Telecom network. Only 9% of the territory has limited coverage.

Bouygues Telecom's 4G coverage according to ARCEP

Bouygues Telecom’s 4G coverage according to ARCEP

Above all, Bouygues Telecom climbs to second place among operators on the podium for the best network coverage above the various means of transport. Whether on major highways, TGV lines or the metro in large cities, the quality of the operator’s network is sufficient to connect to the Internet. And that’s good, since it is often in these places that we spend time on our phone.

How to subscribe to the B & You mobile plan?

Changing your mobile plan is no longer just a formality. To subscribe to the B & You package, the important thing is to share your RIO ID (by dialing 3179) if you want to keep the same phone number. It is also this identifier that allows Bouygues Telecom to automatically terminate your old package, without you having to do anything.

Once this step has been completed, all you have to do is fill in your details, share your IBAN and pay the 10 euros corresponding to the cost of the SIM card. Delivery takes place within the next few days. You will then receive text messages telling you exactly when the transition from the old to the new line will take place.

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