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thinner and lighter folding smartphones from 2021

If the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is overweight compared to the Galaxy Fold, Samsung intends to put its next folding smartphones on a diet to make them more attractive.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

Samsung’s next folding smartphones will be thinner and lighter, promises the brand // Gamesdone: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

Boost sales on the fringes of a smartphone market ” saturated “, This will be the objective of the next folding smartphones from Samsung, which intends to capitalize on what it considers to be a whole new species of product, and not a simple evolution of the smartphone as we know it. ” LFolding phones are not an extension of existing smartphones, but a whole new area “, Said Lee Jong-min (Executive Director of the Samsung Planning Team) at the 2020 edition of the Samsung Investor Forum.

For the Korean giant, the idea is now to offer more attractive and above all more popular folding devices… or even outright ” mainstream In the brand’s own words. This will gradually go through lower prices, but also a more elegant design marked by increased finesse and weight loss, Samsung promised. And it is true that with 282 grams on the scale (instead of 263 grams for its predecessor), the Galaxy Z Fold 2 would indeed have deserved a little slimming cure.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be Samsung’s next tech flagship

In addition to its weight gain, the device had also gained in thickness (16.8 mm against 15.5 mm). A little more than a millimeter of difference compared to the first Galaxy Fold of the name, justified in part by the largely redesigned hinge of the Z Fold 2. The latter appeared this year more robust, able to better withstand dust and adjustable to different degrees .

It remains to be seen how Samsung manages to fit that same hinge into a thinner folding phone. The answer, we will probably find it in part on the Galaxy Z Fold 3, expected for June 2021.

This Galaxy Z Fold 3 should be Samsung’s flagship for next year – to the point of eclipsing the Galaxy Note -, notably with the introduction of new technologies such as a camera under the screen. The device should also continue to benefit from the aesthetic tweaking started with the Z Fold 2.

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