Wednesday, October 21

Things you probably didn’t know you can do with Android Auto

Respond to messages, find the cheapest gas station or listen to music without taking your hands off the wheel. With Android Auto, driving is more comfortable, but you have to know all its functions and tricks to get the most out of it. Android Auto has become an opportunity for all those who do not understand the operating system of their cars or who do not have a very advanced one. In this way we can make calls, answer messages and organize music with voice commands. Android Auto is a very simple application with a basic interface, but every day it hides more tricks and functions that make the time we spend on the road easier. Since it integrates the Google assistant and we can give orders with our voice without letting go of the wheel, it is much more comfortable. You can use it with the car’s Bluetooth connection or with a USB cable, you can place it on your vehicle screen or you can use the version for phone screens. It all depends on the car you have, not all of them are compatible, but you can check here the list of those that already allows you to use this application. Here we give you a series of tips that maybe you did not know. Android Auto is more and more accessible, with Android 11 the vast majority of mobiles will be able to connect without depending on a USB cable in the vehicle. Automatic opening when entering the car If you have a car with a Bluetooth connection and you have paired it with your phone, you will have noticed that the phone is able to recognize your car when you approach it. You walk in and while you start and put on your seat belt, the phone has already been connected so that you can put your favorite music from the phone in the car audio system. Similarly, Android Auto can connect and activate as soon as you use the key to unlock your vehicle. This function is very useful to avoid wasting time every day activating the application, it will be like having Android Auto inside the vehicle. To activate it you must go to the application settings, in the section Phone screen settings and Automatic start. Highlight your closest contacts The police suggest that we point our most important contacts with two AA (Notify …) to en in case of accident they know who to call and notify our state. In this way, the contact rises to the top positions on the list and is faster to detect. However, there is also another way to have quick access to those people we call most often and who do not want to stand out with this AA nickname. The Google Contacts application allows you to mark any contact with a favorite star, these are they’ll show up at the top of the list in Android Auto, and it’ll be easier to call them without having to rummage through the endless list of contacts. Find the cheapest gas station The collaboration with Waze on Android Auto offers us tricks like this. If you need to refuel but you don’t know the area, you can find the best gas station nearby. The assessment and information made by other drivers helps us to know which station is the best for us. It is possible that the information is not up to date, Waze indicates when was the last time a user integrated the information of that gas station so that we do not get surprises. Still a very useful collaborative proposition. Respond to messages with an automatic response If you are driving and your partner asks you for a message if you are already on the way or if you want them to buy something for dinner, these questions can be answered with a short yes or no answer. We can also answer anyone by indicating that we are on the road so that the other person knows that they must wait for us to park. To program automatic responses in Android Auto you must look in the settings, in the messages section. Activate the automatic response and write the one we like the most as: I’m in the car. Features under test As with other applications, Android Auto allows users to test the features and news that the developers have created. Testing the versions in beta gives the advantage of experiencing any details before anyone else. In the Settings version section, it is necessary to press up to 7 times in a row to unlock the settings under development and access these hidden functions. It is important to bear in mind that since the development phase has not been completed, they may have bugs or be unstable, it is a risk that is run when testing software that has still been officially presented.

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