Tuesday, October 19

They revive their murdered son with deepfake to encourage the vote


Although not much news has emerged about them lately, deepfakes continue to improve and are increasingly indistinguishable from reality, like this one we are going to talk about. The intense debate that exists about deepfakes has caused their use to be greatly reduced. When they began to meet each other, they warned about the dangers that they can pose in a present where false news and misinformation do not stop growing, but that has not stopped their technology from improving and from time to time being used as a political weapon. The deepfake is based on the superimposition of a person’s face on that of another to falsify their gestures, as we explain in this report. But it must also be added that you can do the same with your voice and create very real fakes. Imagine doing this with a politician and he appears to communicate an incendiary message, surely many people would believe it at the time. In order to prevent them, their control has been reinforced by large technology companies and legislation is increasingly being legislated with greater rigor so that they represent a legal problem for those who impersonate other people through these mechanisms. But we must not forget that sometimes they can also be used in a legal way and in the United States some parents have created a deepfake of their deceased son so that people can register and vote in the next elections in November. A guide to face step by step in the arduous task of distinguishing truth and information from the ocean of hoaxes, lies and fake news that populates the networks. The son, Joaquin Oliver, was killed in 2018 in a shooting. When he was only 17 years old, he was one of the victims of one of these unfortunate events that usually occur in the country due to the uncontrolled possession of weapons. In the video you can see the explanation of the parents for 50 seconds and the deepfake of the late son the rest of the time. In 2018, Joaquin Oliver was shot and killed in the Parkland school shooting.His parents used AI to bring him back to tell people how voting can prevent these kinds of tragedies from happening to any more families.https: //t.co/BpK4zZkkbi pic.twitter.com/4Zj70f7Oid – Change the Ref (@ChangeTheRef) October 2, 2020 It impacts both that the parents have promoted this small return to the child’s life and the realism with which it has been done, but the activist movement carried out is understandable , especially considering the final intention: that the shootings in the country be reduced.

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